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  1. nc_ds

    Kim "Mutator" Malde passed away

    Shocking, horrible news. Can't believe it's true. It was great to meet you in HundvÄg back in July 2001. Rest in peace.
  2. nc_ds

    So Easy It's Simple

    I will never become sick of my beloved MS-DOS command prompt. N.C.
  3. nc_ds


    What exactly does "$1 euro" mean? 0.9976 euro, perhaps? N.C.
  4. nc_ds

    Clan battles about to begin

    Where's the rules / guidelines / misc. extremely important info page? Does one have to play using Zdaemon, or are other ports allowed as well? If no other ports (or the original doom2.exe for that matter!?) are allowed, does one have to play on some certain server? Call me a whiner, but I wouldn't enjoy losing to some crappy newbie with ping 28 just because I ping 300+ to some American servers. Are all matches gonna be 1on1's? Are you allowed to make your own arrangements of any kind? How many players per clan should play? How can we make sure that players don't impersonate each other, etc? Will all matches be played on the same map with the same settings (no jump or mouselook, thank you very much)? etc, etc, etc I hope the clans that have signed up will show enough dedication in order for this not to become just another flop, like most online tournaments, ladders or clan wars I've seen. N.C.
  5. Nabiloplayer is indeed an amazingly crappy doomer. As far as I know, it's some 11-year-old who sometimes claims to be female and sometimes male. She/he/it often uses turbo mode when deathmatching, but is still a completely worthless opponent. We (the ZoneLAN-IPX regulars) try to avoid her/him/it like the plague nowadays, since she/he/it likes to harrass us with heaps of annoying Zone Messages. If you idle on the Zone over a night, you'll undoubtedly have some 15 ZM's waiting in the morning, written in what only slightly resembles English (nabiloplayer lives in the USA). Btw, I spent countless hours trying to help her/him/it install DooM2. Really, it required several weeks of dialogue like: - Did you extract the files? - i think so - Great. Where to? - i donno - So, did you open the file with WinZip? - i dotn have winzip whats a zip flie? Somehow, I was able to avoid having a nervous breakdown. So, nabiloplayer is not only a crappy doomer, but also a complete computer illiterate. This fact makes it sort of funny that she/he/it has a geocities webpage where she/he/it brags about how good she/he/it is at tweaking Windows, as well as a whole bunch of other operating systems. Maybe several people use that account... What's certain, however, is that none of them know how to kick even the slightest bit of arse in DooM and also, they spell like 5-year-olds. N.C.
  6. nc_ds


    Ok, the demo pack has now been released and is available for download e.g. on Clan DS's demos page. Navigate to http://kickme.to/clands and click on DEMOS if you're interested. N.C.
  7. nc_ds

    Internet Deathmatch Doom FAQ

    Yeah, I installed the DoomServ client software into e:\DoomServ back in the day, and that always worked fine. In e:\ZDooM2, I have ZDooM v1.22 and doom2.wad v1.9 and in e:\ZDooM2\wads, I have my external wad files (pwads). Consequently, in the DoomServ setup, I have my ZDooM engine path set to e:\ZDooM2\zdoom.exe, my doom2 iwad path set to e:\ZDooM2\doom2.wad and my external wads path set to e:\ZDooM2\wads By the way, the first thing new DoomServ users should do after logging in is to edit their player profile, save it, close DoomServ and log in again. Otherwise, the player list is probably going to be empty, although there might be people logged on. N.C.
  8. nc_ds


    Ok. I sent you 2 e-mails; one about 21 hours ago and one about 8 hours ago. It's the latter one that you'll want to check out. I have comments from everybody else now. N.C.
  9. nc_ds


    Ok. Do you read your mordeth@doomworld.com e-mail regularly? I have ethh's, Slag's, df's and Gherkin's comments now, and will talk to Esox on the phone later today and also finish writing my own comments. I'd like to be able to release the demo pack very soon... People have commented e.g. on the tourney as a whole, on their own performances and on other participants' performances. I think I'll simply include a short "Comments" section at the end of the text file and let everyone contribute with a few lines. Most comments so far have been quite "general", btw. N.C.
  10. nc_ds


    Well, NederLAN2002 is over... Sure was fun, wasn't it? Was great meeting you all. Big thanks to the hosts! Mordeth, if you're reading this... Would you like to add some comments to the textfile I'm including in the tournament demos zip? If so, give them to me ASAP. Thanks. :) N.C.
  11. nc_ds


    Hmm. Esox and I are gonna be leaving just around that time. Bad luck. Sucks. :/ I don't know what plans the rest of the gang has, though. N.C.
  12. nc_ds


    Ack, I'm leaving already Saturday morning (July 20th). Will you be able to get there already in the afternoon or evening on Friday the 19th? There's no way you can make it this weekend? What's your preference, btw? DM or Co-op? N.C.
  13. nc_ds


    Ha! Our (Esox is coming too) plane is leaving in approximately 2 days and 4 hours! N.C.
  14. nc_ds

    Doom Connector coming back in full swing!

    MaTT: Here's a link to a zip which includes railgun.bex and railuzi.bex. They replace the plasma rifle. http://www.greensting.addr.com/railstuf.zip While you're at it, check out the rest of Greensting's site... It has some good stuff. Gherkin: Ok, let's call it an Additional Arguments box then, or whatever. ...which would be added to the game setup, i.e. the moderator could type in whatever parameters he wants for the game. Or you could, of course, add some 20 checkboxes to the ZDooM setup instead. That's fine with me, too. N.C.
  15. nc_ds

    Doom Connector coming back in full swing!

    Yeah, it's just that such things as independent parameters are (pretty much) non-existant in a peer-to-peer doom game. ZDooM and WinDooM are extremely picky with command line parameter consistency among the players. Adding a private parameters box to the ZDooM and WinDooM game setups would be a good idea, though. And the Connector would of course compare these arguments before launching the game. Support for easy demo recording is also a very important feature. Demos r001. And yes, I agree with MaTT on the -nomusic issue. I really prefer not having my MMX/166 MHz piece of crap initialize the midi sound at all. I believe it speeds up the game. N.C.