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Everything posted by Siggi

  1. Wow... this is not the nostalgia I was expecting. I remember playing an early build of this way back when. Awesome to see it's actually a thing now.
  2. Siggi

    New Official Grabbag MIDIs Online!

    Naturally I had to try these on my Sound Blaster 16, and it sounds pretty awesome.
  3. Siggi

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Am I in a Heretic or Doom mood today?
  4. Got my old DOS PC working again. It's beautiful.

    Can listen to the glorious bloops of the old Sound Blaster 16 once again.

  5. As far as DEH/BEX goes I meant all the extensions EE added, not specifically music. The motivation is that apparently those extensions are used and it's not obvious Woof/MBF doesn't support them. I didn't even know they existed until I tried Oblige wads with Woof. I'm not opposed to UMAPINFO though.
  6. I tried this with wads generated with Oblige and noticed the shuffle music options does not work. Turns out Oblige does this by using the Music Block which is an Eternity Extension to DeHackEd/BEX. Would adding these extensions be within scope for this project?
  7. Siggi

    Does anyone have ChocoDos?

    I considered doing this. I've done a few related things. I ported the original Boom 2.02 source from DJGPP to Open Watcom. I used input code from Heretic and audio from RoTT. I managed to get the Heretic and Hexen sources to compile verbatim using the leaked DMX files and the original Watcom compiler. I also contributed some changes to Chocolate Doom that allows it to compile with Open Watcom. I should probably check to see if this works with SDL 2. At the end of the day the only thing I can say is that these things all worked, but are otherwise uninteresting.
  8. Berserk punch demon butts.
  9. Siggi

    Go 2 It... anyone done it?

    This was unexpectedly nostalgic. Go 2 It and PUNISHER are what got me hooked on making stupid maps full of monsters.
  10. Siggi

    Kate Fox has passed away

    I think Kate was one of the first people in the Doom community to talk to me. It's weird, not too long ago I'd been wondering where she was now. This is truly sad.
  11. Siggi

    Most recent movie you saw

    San Andreas. My love for Dwayne Johnson has no bounds.
  12. A few years ago I took the Boom 2.02 source, and I ported it to use Open Watcom instead of DGJPP. I even went as far as getting it to compile for Windows. Here's some of the stuff I remember doing with it: For DOS removed Allegro. Rewrote input code and tried unify keyboard and mouse inputs. For DOS used audiolib from the Rise of the Triad source release for sound. (Even though the RoTT code release is GPL, I've always had my doubts about the audio library). For Windows used SDL. For Windows used a GLSL 1.2 shader for rendering (mostly used for scaling, but I also played with a 24bit color map). Make files were reverse engineered from the Heretic and Hexen source release. Removed a massive amount of comments, reformatted source files and moved functions/variables around. Unfortunately due to inexperience the code repository is a complete mess. I can't even provide a detailed explanation of what's going on because I honestly have no idea anymore. Over this year I've been putting together a retro PC as well as making some small contributes to Chocolate Doom, and in doing so I am reminded of this old code. Given that I have an environment where I can run and test a DOS/Windows 98 era source port, it seems like it'd be a loss not to continue with this. Should I begin the process again from the Boom 2.02 source, using my existing code as a reference, or should I try and salvage it somehow?
  13. Yeah. I think that's what I'll do. New repo with only the Boom source. Diff the two repos and redo everything step by step. Thanks. :)
  14. Siggi

    A strange question....

    Might want to have a look at this TAS
  15. After a fair amount of effort importing a Sound Blaster Pro 2 pure chance gets me a Sound Blaster 16.



    1. Siggi


      Chance also included two Sound Blaster AWE64s.

  16. Got this today. :D



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    2. a.7.MAD -  Paramagnetism

      a.7.MAD - Paramagnetism

      I thought it was something interesting, click bait!  *Triggered*

    3. galileo31dos01


      Your avatar is giving me life, bye.

    4. rodster
  17. My social anxiety is tingling.

    1. bioshockfan90


      Hurts, don't it?


    2. Ichor


      It looks like that shroomfish is the one tingling.

    3. Jayextee


      This millennial Spiderman reboot sucks.

  18. Siggi


    The make files that come with the Hexen and Heretic source release will run the command "prsucc" once the binary has been made. tic.exe : $(LOCOBJS) $(GLOBOBJS) i_ibm.obj wlink @tic.lnk copy tic.exe striptic.exe wstrip striptic.exe 4gwbind 4gwpro.exe striptic.exe heretic.exe -V prsucc hex.exe : $(LOCOBJS) $(GLOBOBJS) wlink @hex.lnk copy hex.exe striphex.exe wstrip striphex.exe 4gwbind 4gwpro.exe striphex.exe hexen.exe -V copy hex.map v_$(VERSION_ID).map prsucc What is this "prsucc"?
  19. Siggi


    I mean sure... It's something about the compile process being successful. But what did it do? Is it some in-house Raven thing? Or something more standard from back in the 90s I have not heard of before? Did it upload the build somewhere for the testers? Is this the reason -timedemo demo1 on vanilla Hexen makes the Warrior explode? Maybe they did this on purpose. Just when you think the compile is a success, make tells you it cannot find prsucc. We're going to tell you it worked by marking the build a failure with an error message indicating success. Will this forever remain a mystery?
  20. Siggi

    Chocolate Doom

    Is getting Chocolate Doom to compile with Open Watcom a thing people care about? I've managed to get chocolate doom 2.3 to compile and run. It did require some small changes though. There's a compile error in doom/p_setup.c. Also had to add a struct packing macro as Watcom C expects its _Packed keyword to appear before the struct keyword.
  21. Siggi

    What is your real name?

    Stephen. I pretend I was named after Steve McQueen.
  22. This is amazing. Makes me want to make levels full of monsters again.
  23. Siggi

    Nelson Mandela is dead.

    According to Etv news, that signer also has an interesting criminal history including robbery, murder and rape charges. link: http://www.enca.com/south-africa/interpreter