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  1. Something unique would be cool. Any thoughts on a Grove theme?
  2. I'm a sucker for certain YTPs
  3. McDonald's changes with the times, for one. Granted, as others have pointed out this is also based on the above-referenced store being located in Hong Kong which has the culture and society to backup such a drastically different McDonald's. Hell I remember over a decade ago when they entirely re-did the interior design on pretty much every McDonald's in my city. Personally for me it doesn't change the fact that they are historically a fast food company with cheap products and generally unsavory sanitation that I have experienced throughout the years. Won't stop them from rebranding where possible, though.
  4. he in fatman butt

    1. Tango
    2. Rosh Fragger

      Rosh Fragger

      Fatman fires a Nuke!

    3. Doomkid



  5. I might be blithe in asking this, but is that a TAD demo?
  6. *yoink* I'm not even keen on the particular boons of this game, but I'm happy to lap up any freebies from GOG. Based on what has been described this sounds like good fun.
  7. Went poking through this thread again, reminded me that I like pulling this song up sometimes
  8. Blinking loudly/audibly is not unnatural. The best way to answer that question more in-depth is to ask you doctor next time you have the opportunity but certainly not uncommon to hear or experience.
  9. My boss is full of these moments. Was on a conference call with him one time talking to a client. "So Patty we can really save you some time and money with this planned maintenance. If you want to move forward with this Patty..." "MY NAME IS RACHEL, PLEASE STOP SAYING PATTY" Nearly lost it on the phone right there, had to work real hard to stifle my laughter.
  10. Outlast
  11. Guys plz like this post I need it to remember why I'm alive plz lemme smaash I mean like plz I get the whole argument here but it's fucking absurd in my opinion to spend this much time deconstructing it.
  12. I very much did this back in my youth just like Memfis. It ended up usually happening with Quake - for the longest time I thought it was meant to be played without music. Cue one day there's an audio CD in the drive and suddenly after Quake boots up the music from that CD starts playing. It blew my mind. I eventually did play through the game with the original audio many times, but back then I would swap out CDs with whatever CD I was jamming to at the time and find the levels that would play the songs I wanted to hear. It felt awesome back in the day. It's not something I do as much these days, but I occasionally get the urge to put on a good rock/alt rock song and play some FPS. Last time I recall I replayed the Lucifer fight from Painkiller with heavy metal rocking in the background. Sometimes it really just depends on the mood. For all intents a purposes though I do agree that it pays to play the game with the original music at least once to understand the original feel and situation the game wants you to understand. Music helps define a game and its atmosphere and the full syntax of the game is lost without it (unless it is left out intentionally). I say play whatever you are in the mood for, but to be able to appreciate a game on its own it is necessary to play it with vanilla music at least once (or the first playthrough). Beyond that I fully sympathize with wanting to play using different music when you are feeling a certain mood.
  13. TGIF


    Too Goddamned Inebriated to Function


    Woooooooo Friday *crashes into desk*

    1. RUSH


      is this you


  14. I have seriously missed out on these guys. Time to catch up on some RTJ