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  1. Feels silly sometimes but goddamn I am addicted
  2. Ahhhhhh fuck me, where's the foil I need it There is utterly no efficient way I can work ethernet cables in my apartment. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK
  3. By god you are the patron saint of patience.
  4. How dare they. They once updated this site without my permission. Dictators I tell you.
  5. I NEED TO MAKE PLANS FUCK Maybe I'll carve a pumpkin this year, I missed out last year after moving into my apartment. BUT ANYWAYYYYY
  7. To give an honest answer Doom was perhaps the first, if not one of the first games, to get me to truly understand and appreciate ambient music. Playing through episode one I can still remember getting chills getting through level six, seven, and eventually eight, the last of which used to terrify me after I met the baron brothers for the first time. It made me appreciate any and all ambient music that could appropriately accentuate a scene or level and give your subconscious a reason to contemplate what you were walking into. Granted, I think I ultimately learned that through the majority of 8-bit/16-bit PC games I learned to play over the years, but I still remember what the original Doom felt like when I played through it properly the first few times. That is easily one of the personality changes I adopted; not necessarily something that would change my everyday routine, but one that made me stop, listen, and appreciate what was being conveyed through music that performs without vocals.
  8. Grenade launcher hands down. As stated above it has its uses but is essentially the least useful weapon in practical situations.
  9. Gotta think more on this, but definitely a fan of Necrom fro FFIX
  10. I make a bomb ass chili. Crushed tomatoes, fire roasted diced tomatoes, onions, 2lbs of ground beef, black & kidney beans, and 4-5 different spices. Still working on expanding my repertoire. Slowly.
  11. Ehhh I'll be in the Mid-Atlantic region so yeah I guess. I don't have glasses though. Poop.