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  1. Ehhh I'll be in the Mid-Atlantic region so yeah I guess. I don't have glasses though. Poop.
  2. I thought this looked familiar If the price is right I'd be willing to give it a whirl. Wouldn't mind seeing another review while I'm at it.
  3. "I hope my body can take it"
  4. Technically they'd be Finnish lines but I like where your head is at.
  5. I had a great idea for a movie just recently, got really excited about it. The plot centers around an ex-CIA agent who is retired and occasionally hangs out with his old CIA buddies. Against his wishes, his daughter takes a trip to Europe with her friend, where she is abducted during a phone call. The ex-CIA agent then spends the movie tracking down his daughter and hunting the men responsible in order to bring his daughter home to safety. I thought it was a pretty unique idea. But then I found out that movie was Taken.
  6. lol what did you do make this, with the original PSP bro? cuz it actually looks half decent like PSP had decent tools wen it came out and its an okay image with sum filters wait what was i talking about EDIT: On a serious note this does sadden me a little inside, I use MSPaint for a lot of crap both silly and useful. Guess I'll have to pilfer old versions from former hard drives to keep the spirit alive keep the zombie going
  7. More recently I've been listening to this song a lot. Regardless, I love Bonobo's music.
  8. Eeeeehhhhhhhh I just played the original Bioshock and saw there was a sale. I technically already played Bioshock 2 (first one in the series I played) but It's been a while. Will have to see if anything piques the interest. I'm currently without equipment to play modern games so I'm mostly eeeeeehhhhhhhh
  9. Are you running Windows 10? If so there should be an option on the Magnifier to follow keyboard input instead of the mouse pointer, which should enable you to lock it without the screen following the mouse pointer.
  10. Something unique would be cool. Any thoughts on a Grove theme?
  11. I'm a sucker for certain YTPs
  12. McDonald's changes with the times, for one. Granted, as others have pointed out this is also based on the above-referenced store being located in Hong Kong which has the culture and society to backup such a drastically different McDonald's. Hell I remember over a decade ago when they entirely re-did the interior design on pretty much every McDonald's in my city. Personally for me it doesn't change the fact that they are historically a fast food company with cheap products and generally unsavory sanitation that I have experienced throughout the years. Won't stop them from rebranding where possible, though.
  13. he in fatman butt

    1. Tango
    2. Rosh Fragger

      Rosh Fragger

      Fatman fires a Nuke!

    3. Doomkid