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Everything posted by Kirby

  1. Kirby

    Video game music thread

    I love the ingenuity and variety of the old songs back in the early 90's. Always jogged my imagination and expanded my palette of musical interests in the process. Duke Nukem II has some great tracks - here's a few favs
  2. Kirby

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Its Kirbeh feesh 'nuff said
  3. Kirby

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I talk audibly to myself fairly often. No mental disorders or disease, it was something my father did and I ended up taking on the habit over the years. I like to think I'm great at giving and understanding great advice; just most of the time I'm chastising myself for not following it or doing something stupid. Best example I can think of is the way John McLane talks to himself in Die Hard.
  4. Kirby

    What is wrong with you?

    And here I was expecting one of these threads again. I'm a lazy procrastinator who's yet to finish his college degree at 28. At this point it's more about saving up money to make that happen, but I've done nothing but shoot myself in the foot sine I was first enrolled in 2006. Gotta get it done someday, so I have promised myself.
  5. Kirby

    Video game music thread

    Even if a thread isn't active you are free to bump it if it's relevant Also, this EDIT: Here's one I'm fond of that I haven't posted before
  6. Kirby

    I made a huge mistake today

    No you fool people get shot in the street for that on election day geez
  7. I want all of this. Even if I don't have any way to legitimately use it. God why did I let ZHalloween sink to the depths.... I still don't know what the hell I'm doing/dressing as for Halloween. I needs to get crackin'!
  8. Let's try and clarify this a bit more. Was this a show you watched in the afternoon after school? At night? In the morning? Early 2000's narrows the years a bit, but the information you have provided so far is really quite vague. Any additional information at all would help.
  9. Kirby

    What's the word on Hacx 2.0?

    You'd do better to post on the Wads & Mods Forum instead of Everything Else. Also, take a look here. It appears they may have stopped development. EDIT: It is on indefinite hiatus as of August 2016
  10. Kirby

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Posted this here years ago. Still hasn't stopped being amazing.
  11. Looks like it was originally hosted as an independent work on Doomworld way back in 1999. Last snapshot of that site is from 2004-2005 and the links had already been dead at that point. The AtomicGamer links were the next best bet - even though they had shut down not too long ago, they were more likely to have archives backed up somewhere along the line. Lo and behold. The download link should work, as I just downloaded a copy onto the machine I'm currently using. Web Archive should have the other episodes saved as well.
  12. Kirby

    mispelling generator?

    Oh hell of course I love this stupid thing. Let's do another: English -> Brazilian(Portuguese) -> Finnish -> Hungarian -> Serbian -> English Original Result: Mine locks beyond 3. wis with IT BE from present itching. Mine locks beyond 3. wis with IT BE from present itching. Fuck alone I score mine locks beyond 3. wis with IT BE from present itching!
  13. Kirby

    is this a MIDI?

    I see now. In that case do take a look with SLADE3 and you should be able to determine what files were/are midi's in the .jar that you downloaded.
  14. Kirby

    is this a MIDI?

    Like he said, it's basically just a zip file. Take your pick of archive programs and open it up. Also, I think you misunderstood Aliotroph. There should be a file inside that jar that is named "ip". The string suggests that the file named "ip" is a midi. So extract that file and rename it with a .midi extension.
  15. Kirby

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Best real court hearing ever.
  16. Kirby

    Most recent movie you saw

    Abrams didn't direct Star Trek Beyond, just production this time. Just got back from watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Quite a good watch.
  17. Kirby

    Why don't usb to ide/sata adapters exist?

    Oops, that is definitely 20-pin IDE. Yeah that won't really solve what he's looking for.
  18. Kirby

    Why don't usb to ide/sata adapters exist?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/360518902327?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true Though as everyone in this thread has asked: Why u do dis?
  19. Kirby


    Hah! It's funny you say that, as I was just contemplating on a fear of mine that is irrational in nature. That is to say I am afraid of deep murky bodies of water. I've not had big issues with it - as said above I also get uneasy around large bodies of water (if I'm in them/on them) but never to a point where I would freak out. My 3rd year of college I had to go on a trip (South Florida Ecology ftw!) to visit a coral reef that required us go out out into the water about an hour away. For our research we had to swim over and observe the coral so we could write our reports and I literally spent 20-30 minutes amping myself up go jump in and remind myself that it was perfectly safe. Dove in and came out alive, so it certainly helped to break me of some of that fear. [note]This fear may be due to a ridiculously irrational fear of giant underwater sea snakes that don't exist. Just sayin[/note]
  20. Kirby

    Doom Wars

    Ya might wanna check out the official thread over in Doom General. This project has been on our radar for a couple of years now :P
  21. I mean sure, since that first vid was already linked in this thread But seriously, you "hope these are relevant to the thread topic" ? Did you not watch the videos and determine if they are relevant? Did you just randomly post them here and "hope" they had some bearing? Because if so that's just stupid on your part.