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  1. Kirby

    Music to Doom to..

    Well, to relate to the topic, I once heard a song called "Them Bones" by a band called Alice in Chains, and the tune sounded very much like that of the one from Barrels o fun...
  2. Hmm, I think I first played doom when I was 5. My dad had gotten teh shareware and I remember just being mezmorized by the demos when no one was on....all this on a 386 64kb of mem comp with soundblaster 16
  3. Its actually more like 8 seperate textures all put together :P
  4. Kirby

    revenant and baron slow-dancing

    I swear, if you upload an image like that, my life will be scarred forever. Thats a good pic tho. made me laugh
  5. Kirby

    Wow, KDiZD is insanely good!

    NMN, I blame you for bringing me here offtopic! MoD - At least WAIT UNTIL IT COMES OUT to judge it.
  6. Kirby


    THANKYOU!!!!! :D
  7. Hey guys! My name is Kirby, and I come from the Zdoom forums. I have recently started work on a project dubbed "The Halloween wad". It is currently underway, but the mapping proccess has not yet begun. We are looking for more people to help with mappping, creating new sprites and decorations. For info, go to http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=3664&sid=f52f3ad4f451eb0983bac1276b56763a This sign up dates are from Oct.18-31 and the wad will be released on the 31st!!! All help is appreciated!! Kirby <("<)
  8. Kirby

    Halloween wad!!! Looking for Help!

    If could have found more people, them MAYBE I would have started earlier, but I don't have enough people to do that. As for the turning in the map on Sat. I probably will now. I'm considering that no one has the 31st spot anyways, so I probably don't have to worry. Aside frpm that, I can also submit it to the 3dgamers archive and also have someone post it on their site (or mine).
  9. Kirby


    PLEENTY of space left to sign up if you want to!! :) Or you can play the wad when it be finished! Etiehr way, it should be a good project!!!
  10. Kirby

    Halloween wad!!! Looking for Help!

    ** yep, thats mee!!!
  11. Kirby

    Level One

    A nice map to play through. Lacks a bit in detail and the scripted fight sequence broke on me regardless of what I did, but other than that this was enjoyable. Leaning on a 3.5/5 here so I award you 4 stars for this one