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Posts posted by Kirby

  1. 14 hours ago, Doom_Dude said:

    I don't drink very often and when I do I usually just have a beer.


    I do like a Bermuda Rum Swizzle or a Dark and Stormy sometimes.

    Ooohh! The Bermuda Rum Swizzle is a good one, I haven't thought of that one in years. I must look into that recipe!


    I started going back to a classic cocktail I used to make at my old apartment but haven't done so in the whole almost two years I've lived at my current space. As such, I have been making whiskey sours and fiddling with the ingredient amounts every other time. Always use egg whites though, I love that layer on top. It's one of my favorite drinks.

  2. 18 hours ago, Avoozl said:

    Stickerbush Symphony. Arguably the best music track in the game but it's used it the most frustrating levels.


    Oh wow! I have heard this version before but I never once made the connection that it was Stickerbrush Symphony. I always played all of the Donkey Kong Country games on standard Gameboy and had a different version of that song in my head, in this video here -



    And while were are on that note I am also going to throw in Lockjaw's Saga. Because those fucking maps where you had to hit the barrel to make the water safe and then surface on the other side beforethe timer ran out definitely stick out in my mind.



  3. To give an honest answer Doom was perhaps the first, if not one of the first games, to get me to truly understand and appreciate ambient music. Playing through episode one I can still remember getting chills getting through level six, seven, and eventually eight, the last of which used to terrify me after I met the baron brothers for the first time. It made me appreciate any and all ambient music that could appropriately accentuate a scene or level and give your subconscious a reason to contemplate what you were walking into. Granted, I think I ultimately learned that through the majority of 8-bit/16-bit PC games I learned to play over the years, but I still remember what the original Doom felt like when I played through it properly the first few times. That is easily one of the personality changes I adopted; not necessarily something that would change my everyday routine, but one that made me stop, listen, and appreciate what was being conveyed through music that performs without vocals.