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  1. Life.....it is so dangerous and poisoning.....yet at the same time it is so invigorating and enlightening.

    I find that I am torn between bordom and a job. At this point, however, I cannot get myself a job for this summer, so will be left to do nothing resourceful in the next two weeks before school starts.

    How do you other guys deal with this problem (if you DO NOT have a summer job?)

    I enjoy life for what it is, and usually when thinking about this particular problem, I go for a bike ride and my mind is clear. It worked today, and will probably work tomorrow and so on......

    Anyways, this is just my gripe, just my letting loose on a subject that people may or may not care at all about. Just thought I'd post on it.......

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    2. spank


      Kristus: one of my regular top five Devy songs. Always gets me in a good mood. In fact, not only that, but I also think that it is a song that is 100% musically perfect, considering what it intends. I really wouldn't change a bit of it, and Devin Townsend is one of the few musicians (if not the only) that can make that happen with me.

      Oh, I should comment on the topic.

      Well, my vacations tend to be really boring. While my friends usually get together and go to parties, clubs and whatever, I on the other hand will be with either of my parents following them around wherever they might go. Or we might go to the place where either stays, and I don't have any friends there or anything interesting to do.

      However, this time around I managed to go to the entirety of a summer festival in the beginning of August (in which I got to see The Prodigy [shit, finally], Daft Punk and Zero 7) with my girlfriend and some buddies, which was good. I returned to my mother's place for a while and tomorrow I'm going to meet them again for a day's worth of another music festival. We're going to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bloc Party before I go spend some days with my father.

      All things considered I'm OK, although being without friends is pain.

    3. Siggi
    4. Quast


      Use3D said:

      Kirby, please do not be bored, enjoy this tiny amount of free time before your life is consumed by some shitty job you don't even like.

      This is sage advice right here.