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  1. I am so high I can't even explain it to you, its so bad that I had to make this post

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    2. Quast


      KingKill33 said:

      I've noticed that the oral ingestion of weed is a bit harsher than just outright smoking it.

      Certainly, first of all one cannot reliably gauge dosage unless you made the butter/fat/alcohol yourself and even then it can be very hard to tell. And second of all, the effects take much longer to take hold and as such people will tend to stuff their face thinking they didn't eat enough.

    3. bytor


      If you're smoking it you're inhaling and holding for as long as you can and then blow it out. When throwing it down your pie hole it stays there. More efficient. I think it's a different feelin' buzz, too. Takes about as long as a pill to kick in. Your results may vary.

      It's a real pain in the ass to make brownies when you can just roll it and burn one. Reserved for special occasions.

      just say no to drugs

    4. Sharessa


      I've always wanted to try pot brownies. Sounds awesome.

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