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  1. Prime

    Well-known Doomers who left the DOOM community

    I JUST came back.
  2. On Spiderman 2: The "character content" in Spiderman 2 is stuff that was taken almost directly from the books. Problems with family, his life, his friends...that's all shit that the COMIC BOOK SPIDERMAN deals with all the time. Spiderman has always been about balancing character AND action, and if that means giving him time to live out his life and realize that he's in a shitty situation, then so be it -- THAT's spiderman. He's a human (okay, amped-up human) who deals with real-to-life issues. That's always been the case, and that was the focus of this movie, and it was more than implied in the film trailers as being another "beginning" movie for Peter Parker as Spidey, sooo... On Doom: Can't really think of a part of that movie that I really "liked," or was thankful for, except the credits. ;-) Here's hoping id thinks a TAD harder before approving a script for Quake. I'd hate to see EVERY one of their classic franchises raped away by ridiculous film-makers.
  3. You've obviously never seen the Spidey comics that Spiderman 2 was based around. Basically, Spiderman 1 and 2 were VERY MUCH the traditional Spiderman, sooo...if that offends, then don't watch 'em. It sounds like you'd be alot more happy with something alot more mindless and violent anyway, like Resident Evil Apocalypse. Does that have enough ass-kicking for ya? ;-)
  4. Prime

    the doom movie

    I could sit here and say "The acting was horrible, the dialogue was some of the worst I've ever heard in a film, the Rock was completely unbelievable as a character, etc..." but I won't. Why? Because all the teens and adults who live in their grandmom's basement who post here will jump on my ass and say "Nuh-uh! It was completely believable! And the dialogue wasn't THAT bad!" Or..."It's just an action movie and it's Doom so all it needs is lotsa violence!" (because most if not none of you have ever heard of the phrase "potential of greatness," much less "attention span"). I could sit here and say "The way the writer(s) spun the story of Doom into a non-demon-oriented-PG-13-safe-with-an-R-rating-to-dupe-the-fans film was completely absurd," but I'm sure there are some of you out there who thought it was fine, right after watching a film based on scary mutated humans who were turned by an engineered chromosome. Congrats everybody, you just became Resident Evil fans. "Yeah but I loved the first-person shots!" Go play the fucking game if you want FPS shots. If I wanted a game-playing perspective, I wouldnt have paid for a movie ticket plus large cherry coke. I will say that this COULD have been really cool, if it didn't continue for seven straight minutes. I almost feel insulted that this cheap shot was the best they could give me to make me feel like I was watching something concerning Doom. The only thigns in the movie that looked even REMOTELY like they were straight from Doom 3 were the goddamn computer screens. this doesn't really upset me, so to speak, but I'm tired of set reports saying "Oh my, everything in the sets make me feel like I'm in the game!!!" Fuck off. The games had interesting visual promise; the movie had reflective kitchen metal walls and bad actors in modern SWAT outfits. So much for creative vision and a suitable budget. the monsters? I can't decide if I want to laugh out loud like a viking or vomit like a pregger with morning sickness. The Pinky WAS cool until I realized that he mutated from a wheelchair-bound gimp coincidentally named "Pinky." Wow...a human turned into THAT? The things chromosomes are capable of if you only give it ten minutes... Sarge was a joke. But then, so was the rest of the film. In all fairness, the only character I remotely cared about turned out to be "Reaper." I actually like the casting choice. His acting was admittedly weak at times but as far as his look? I'd have casted him, too. He just somehow LOOKS like the doomguy. Oh, and kudos to the studio for ending a shitty film with a great NIN track. End of Rant.
  5. Prime

    Doom Movie Questions

    Well, they sure haven't said that in the trailer. Big mistake on their part. Oh, and "and all Hell breaks loose" doesn't count for shit in this case.
  6. Prime

    Doom Movie Questions

    Where are they officially being called "demons?" I've heard/read "monsters" but thats about it. Plus...I'm not really sure how mapping the human genome and people mutating because of a virus has anything to do with demons. And even if it does, fuck it. I really dont have any interest in seeing a "resident evil 3." I agree with Trilinear.
  7. Prime

    Doom Movie Questions

    The only thing even remotely "good" or "impressive" for that matter are the FPS scenes. Everything else? Not satisfied. No, the sets do NOT look "straight outta DooM 3." No, the monsters don't even really look straight outta doom. Most of the weapons dont even look similar, despite the BS being spread by the films designers and producers about "how close to the game we wanted it to be." Please. If ANYONE thinks that this crap is anything like the game (besides the FPS stuff and the exterior shot of the Mars complex) then, uh...yeah. And one more thing...cuz I just thought about this yesterday...If the scientists at this "Olduvai" complex (sounds so retarded, jesus) are "mapping the human genome," and basically just doing genetic work...Why the f*** are they way the hell out at Mars??? It made ALOT more sense when it was scientists testing warp tech or excavating alien artifacts.
  8. Prime

    Doom novel based on the movie

    Todd Hollenshead has stated that there's a possibility of further DooM games being made based on the new canon of the film. Go figure.
  9. Prime

    Hell Knight Statue by First 4 Figures

    You have got be fuckin kidding me.
  10. Prime

    pinky demon in doom movie trailer

    The best thing about that shot of the Pinky demon in that god-awful trailer is the fact that, uh... it looks like a fuckin NexGen game render or something. I could make a more realistic looking Pinky in a matter of days, and you're telling me they couldnt do a better job for a feature film? Shit, even Resident Evil had better effects than that. Course, this is more of a "Resident Evil 3" film than anything else, so maybe i shouldnt be complaining.
  11. Prime

    doom movie sculptures

    You all have GOT to be kidding me. This is an example of quite possibly the worst design ever, not to mention that the actual quality of the sculpts is verrry poor. You all actually believe that a high budget film like Doom is going to utilize conceptual art like this? Shit, even Total Recall...or the Fantastic-fucking-Four had better concepts than this... Stop allowing your excitement for this film to allow naivety.
  12. Prime

    Monster Pic Comparison

    You're right - Height and weight make all the difference. And I was talking about similarities; I didn't say they were fuckin twins.
  13. Prime

    Monster Pic Comparison

    Actually, the Guardian is a *tad* more similar to the Baron than the new tattooed Hell Knight (for god's sake, the Guardian LOOKS like a TRex mixed with a Baron). - Guardian can produce fireballs, as does the Baron. - Guardian and Baron have hooved, goat-like legs. - Guardian and Baron have horned heads.
  14. Prime


    Try playing the game. Or would you rather we give you a walkthrough? Here's an example: In Delta Labs Sector 3, you find multiple teleportation pads, and it is your job to determine which destinations are appropriate to reach the goal, therefore becoming a "trial and error" scenario. Oh yeah, and for you people who are droaning on and on about how "Doom 3 is repetitive but HalfLife r0x0rz," you need to pay attention to the game; Doom 3 has its share of puzzles and such, as does HL, and regardless of whether or not an enemy is placed in an area or if it is spawned there makes no damn difference. Both games are on about the same level as far as involvement is concerned (minus the goddamn jumping), except for that Doom 3 is ALOT more disturbing.
  15. Prime

    Need Help Again (STUCK)

    Check your PDA logs.