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  1. Cliff Rules

    Hell On Earth Mod

    http://xs.to/pics/04101/SmBruiserFinal.jpg http://xs.to/pics/04105/Bruiserfullsmall.JPG http://xs.to/pics/04104/BaronOfHell.jpg Concept art for the baron *drool* *Cannot wait for that to be modelled
  2. Stake gun from Painkiller =D
  3. Cliff Rules

    Doom 3 mission pack announced

    O_o Are you speaking of the one TR00 Hell On Earth Mod which actually has a big team and is getting somwhere? Or are we speaking of something else entirely? :(
  4. Cliff Rules

    Extinction mod

    Don't have the time to devote to it =/
  5. Cliff Rules

    Doom 3 mission pack announced

    The hell on earth mod will probably be better :P
  6. Cliff Rules

    Doom 3 mission pack announced

    Lets get it back on topic boys
  7. Cliff Rules

    Extinction mod

    That actually sounds like a lot of fun man! Trust me, if I had some sort of skill in anything I'd help you out, but alas I am only a player =/ Good luck though! And when its released I'll be the first to try it out (non-beta wise) ;)
  8. Cliff Rules

    Extinction mod

    Whats the storyline? What weapons do you plan on having and such?
  9. Cliff Rules

    GTA: San Andreas

    Only thing that annoys me is no ragdool physics :( Otherwise, its perfect :D *strokes his ps2
  10. Cliff Rules

    Extinction mod

  11. Cliff Rules

    Half Life 2 has gone bling-bling

    Dannyboy do you always have to be so needy? :P I'm waiting for TF2 myslef, team fortress with Ragdoll physics and updated graphics + Border map (best TF map ever) =
  12. Cliff Rules

    Extinction mod

    Aliens as in aliens, and not demons right? I hate it when people call the demons in doom aliens, cause they ain't aliens dagnabbit >_< Good luck though man, I have no talent :P
  13. Cliff Rules

    Doom 3 mission pack announced

  14. Cliff Rules

    New SP map and water tutorial

    Thanks dude :P