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  1. wildseed

    [HALF-LIFE1] Question

    What is the key array to use 'jump-suit' in HL1? (Before go to Xen, you can get this.) Some say it is 'W + Ctrl + Space-bar' but it dosen't seem to work.
  2. When I was a university student, here in Korea, X-Files was dominating. My fellow students and I gathered around a TV set at the exact time the drama began whatever we had been doing before. I don't know what it was like in the U.S. Personally also I enjoyed "Friends", "The 3rd Rock" and "C.S.I." very much. Ah! It seems that you guys are so young and may don't know this. There was a drama called "V" in 80's. Mankind Vs. Reptile Aliens Very sensational in Korea at that time. Airwolf was also popular but it couldn't reach the top because of "V" What is your favorite?
  3. wildseed

    Guardian drives me crazy!

    Finally I've got him! Also I've got the soul cube, too. It seemed that I had repeated this fight more than 20 times. It's been a a pleasure meeting you, Guardian! Rest in Peace!
  4. wildseed

    Guardian drives me crazy!

    Obviously how you did beat him up. What kind of weapons did you use? Did you keep circling the area? This bastard is so fast I can't keep enough distance from it. Damn!
  5. wildseed

    Guardian drives me crazy!

    Very hard to kill. I know when three seekers are destroyed there will be a blue orb in the above of Guardian and I must hit that orb with the rocket rauncher or BFG. But it is incredibly hard. I think three Hellknights in a time is much better.
  6. wildseed

    HELLp me!!!

    What should I do? In hell mission, the place in which a huge stone pillar is hammering continuously. I got rid of all mancubuses but I couldn't go further. Is there any wayaround?
  7. Keith Kolakoski Is this man's name or woman's? hmm...
  8. wildseed

    What should I do?

    To kill two hellknights before go to Hell. They are so strong. Even the rocket launcher doesn't seem to damage them. Is there any hiding place to protect me? Any tips? What kind of gun is good to them? How did you pass this stage?
  9. wildseed

    Movie recommendation

    Title: Oldboy (2003) (the Grand Prix at Cannes 2004) Director: Chan-wook, Park Genre: Action/Mystery/Thriller(More) Credited Cast: Min-shik, Choi as Dae-su, Oh Ji-tae, Yu as Woo-jin, Lee Hye-jeong, Kang as Mi-do Plot Outline: After 15 years of sole imprisonment in a hotel room, a middle-aged man seeks revenge on those who brought him down - and an explanation. Also Known As: Old Boy (2004) (International: English title) (Universal Studio is now remaking it) Runtime: 120 min Country: South Korea Language: Korean Color: Color Sound Mix: Dolby Digital Certification: France:-16 / Germany:16 / Hong Kong:III / Singapore:R21 / South Korea:18 / UK:18 / Netherlands:16 Some reviews are... 1. "Wow" does not even begin to describe it This film was incredible. Forget all these times I came home after a good movie telling people how it was the greatest. This one truly is 10 times over. There is not one tiny thing I can fault it on. The story is engaging from the first shot until the end, it is beautifully filmed, the music is beautiful and the acting was perfect. I bet you if this film was in "American" it would swiped every award available in its category but since it does not appeal to the lowest denominator you will have the occasional movie goer leaving the cinema in the middle of the movie 'cos' its in 'foreign' and it does not have Vin Diesel in it. I think I'll go and see it again today. 2. FREAKIN' AMAZING I saw this movie the other day at a film festival, and HOLY ****! This movie is an amazing, stunning piece of work. Incredibly cinematic, beautifully shot, and one of the most intense movies I've ever seen. And not just the obviously intense parts, such as the heavy issues it deals with, but even the fights, which take action and turn it into a piece of art. Check out the one-shot hallway fight for an example. Violent, at times very funny, it never let's go, and it'll take your breath away. Having seen this, most other movies I thought of as "very good" have now been reduced to average in the shadow of this behemoth. Check it out and know for yourself.
  10. wildseed

    I'm going to Hell!

    Dudes! Finally my era of the Labs is nearly ended. Two monsters to go to Hell. Though they are big and tough looking ones but don't worry, I got the rocket launcher and full of ammos. But I'm a little nervous about Hell. That place seems to be totally different from Mars base. Any advice? :)
  11. wildseed

    Eagles "Hotel California"

    Is this Satanism Song? Yesterday, when I listened to this song, something struck me. I remembered the article I had read about 15years ago which had it that this rock classic was related to Satan. For example... "So I called up the captain, 'Please bring me my wine' He said, 'WE HAVEN'T HAD THAT SPIRIT HERE SINCE 1969'" "And in the masters chambers, They gathered for the feast THEY STAB IT WITH THEIR STEELY KNIVES, BUT THEY CAN'T KILL THE BEAST" "Last thing I remember, I was running for the door I had to find the passage back To the place I was before" "'RELAX' said the night man, We are programmed to receive. YOU CAN CHECK OUT ANY TIME BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE" Of course, the lyrics of this song are not compose of difficult words or sentences. But I'm not a native speaker so I'm not sure whether I understand this lyrics 100% or not.
  12. What do you think? The first woman president of the US.
  13. wildseed


    Maybe I am wrong with a spell. The little guidance robot I mean. Why was this UAC Mars base seized by monsters in the first place? They had a lot of centrybots in their base. One sentrybot = 10 doomguys. I wish I could let two centrybots accompany me all the way through.
  14. wildseed

    help me out!

    First of all, sorry in advance for my poor english. I'm not a native speaker. I've got a question regarding the second chapter of the single mission. I've been ordered to find a scientist who headed off a old building by a sergent. I found him and he suddenly became a very nice dude. :) My mission objective was to come back to the first place. I've killed every monsters who cut in my way. But "I AM LOST!". The door I had been through before was broken. Where I should go? What should I do? Now I am a squirrel in a sieve-frame.