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  1. baharom

    How to update ATI driver for 9600XT?

    thanks. where do you get the ATI doom 3 patch? Also, where's the best place to get directx 9c? and is it worth doing if i already have 9b? Finally, on this pc im still on xp sp1, does sp2 make any difference and will it bugger up settings which are already working reasonably well (at least against what im used to - my last graphics card was a gf2 64mb). Ta.
  2. baharom

    Graphics options terminology - what do they mean?

    thanks again amaster
  3. I'd be greatful if someone could let me know what these terms mean and how much impact they have on gameplay: 1. antialiasing 2. bump maps 3. vertical sync 4. specular Also, could you let me know how to measure the framerate. Enter com_showFPS 1, but where do i do that - whilst playing the game somehow? How exactly? Thanks.
  4. baharom

    How to update ATI driver for 9600XT?

    Thanks Amaster, on adsl, so no problem, will go with the smaller one.
  5. baharom

    How to update ATI driver for 9600XT?

    Thanks so much - its a big file - 44mb - is that normal? Looks like a whole application - does it contain all the drivers for the radeon family? Do i save to disk then run it, like most other downloads? Appreciate your help.
  6. Apologies in advance if this is a no brainer. Im new to this stuff. Can someone help me with some instructions on how to update my driver for my newly purchased powercolor radeon 9600xt bravo 256mb. Do I need to? My driver version is, the date stamp looks old ('03). P4 1.8GHz, 768mb ram. Any other tweaks I should consider? I found some really good help here last night - VPU recovery kicked in when the card didnt respond to the driver. The fix seemed to work. Great forum!