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  1. Did you intentionally skip map15? I thought maybe you'd get sub-20mins :) btw your new route in map06 was great too tom19 map11 max 17:10 Didn't get an exit yesterday but finally got one tonight. Still 19 seconds behind Ancalagon but that's enough for me.
  2. Cool to see better optimized demos on tom19, it's been a while and I forgot how the maps work. Pretty crazy improvements, I doubt I could beat them if I tried. I did try map11 max yesterday and got 18:41 but I forgot how the exit worked (I killed the 100th cyber and pressed the switch, then ran back to the start to kill the last cyber and exit, but he wasn't there so I thought I ran past him but I didn't see him, so I did iddt in the automap and see he didn't teleport out so I thought the map bugged, but then I realized I had to press another switch at the start to release him and then run all the way through the rooms again to exit). I don't think it cost too much time, but maybe I'll just keep trying for fun to get in the 17's.
  3. Here are my replies (if I didn't reply to you it's because I felt I replied to a similar question earlier). Yes, the "no textures" rule is very strict this time. That's ok, I assumed people would generally make their maps easier because of rule #1. That rule should be viewed as the most important aspect of this project, so people should design their maps in a way that's fun and beatable for them and not for other players. Because I'm trying to get people out of their comfort zones and try new things. I've made lots of zdoom maps and I'll continue to make zdoom maps, but I want this year's project to be compatible with doom2/boom format demos. For this project, the only feedback a mapper should take is their own because the goal is for the mapper to make a fun map that they enjoy playing and can beat themselves. Ideally, the mapper should do all of the playtesting themselves and not rely on others. Whether it will result in more bugs and "lower overall submission quality" is irrelevant because this is supposed to be a fun experiment/challenge for the mapper and a learning experience. The only requirement is that the mapper activates the exit. If a mapper wants to design their map for a certain demo category like "max" or "speed" or "reality" then that's fine too. Yes, there won't be a hub-map. The maps will be arranged by format (vanilla/limit-removing format and boom format). If there are more than 29 maps, there will be two different wad files. Mappers can ask for playtesting help if they want, but they shouldn't post a link to their wad in the thread for playtesting. I admit, the most annoying thing about these projects from a compiler's point of view is the sheer number of different versions for each mapper's wad. But rule #2 was also added to encourage mappers to take more time playing their map until they're finally ready to record a demo and release it. Rule #2 also prevents the demo from going out-of-sync if the mapper edits their map again. So this isn't just about making my life easier as a compiler, but also trying to make the mappers more efficient. For years I've made maps that were only tested by me and released without making any further edits. You're probably right about rule #1 being too strict for many players, but hopefully they will give it a try. Mappers will probably have to adapt their mapping and playing styles for these rules, but this project is just supposed to be a fun experiment. Making a map that the mapper can beat with no cheats/saves shouldn't be a problem at all. If the mapper keeps dying, add health or ammo or change monsters or make the map shorter, etc. Any mapper can make a map that someone else can demo, but it's more fun when the mapper can demo their own map. This isn't meant to embarass mappers who aren't "the best players", this is to encourage all mappers to make a map that they can play without cheats/saves. I only banned g/zdoom because it doesn't support vanilla/boom format demos. The zdoom devs freely admit that demo compatibility isn't a priority, and demos can go out-of-sync if you don't watch the demo with the same version of g/zdoom that you recorded it with. So I decided to ban g/zdoom to make things easier. I map in both zdoom/vanilla formats so hopefully zdoom mappers will try vanilla/boom mapping too. Yes, demo compatibility. Even though zdoom is finished, someone could record a demo in an older version that doesn't work in the latest version. And it seems like more people/mappers use gzdoom instead of zdoom anyway, so I just thought it would be too much trouble to try to make sure everyone is using the same version of g/zdoom for testing and recording. This is just supposed to be a fun experiment/challenge for mappers. The mapper's enjoyment while playing their map with no saves/cheats is the only thing that matters for this project. The demo must be done on UV -skill 4, so some mappers might have to change the way they do difficulty settings so that they can play the map. But this is supposed to be fun. That was unintentional. That's right, so I added that to the first post. All demos must be on UV (-skill 4). If mappers want to make the lower difficulties harder than UV then that's up to them, but demos must be on UV. The demo rule is just supposed to be a fun challenge for mappers to try. I'll be including each mapper's demo in the final zip, so I don't want youtube links. I banned custom content because mappers should put all of their focus on making a map they can beat. The purpose of the original DMP remains the same. Why can't zdoom mappers try making one map in one year for a classic port? I've made lots of zdoom maps and classic maps. Your tweak is a good idea, but it goes against what I intended. For this year's project I want mappers to try to be more efficient in their mapping and be more self-reliant and hopefully rule #2 will make mappers test their maps even more before releasing them. Will it make the maps worse? Possibly. But that's irrelevant for this year's project. Consider it a learning experience. And rule #1 will ensure that the map is at least beatable in some way because the mapper will record themselves beating it. Maybe you're right in that I'm laying a trap, but it's not just new mappers who will fall into it (remember that endlessly updated wad that should be banned from dsda?). This is going to be unfamiliar territory for a lot of mappers and there are going to be bugs and hiccups for sure, but I hope it'll be a fun and worthwhile experience in the end. Everyone has a different skill level and so the opinions of others are completely irrelevant for this project because the goal is to make a map that you can beat yourself. The cap on map updates is a good idea but I want rule #2 to be really meaningful. The only requirement for the demo is to exit the level, you don't have to visit secret areas if you don't want to. All of that is true and is kind of the point. For this project I don't want mappers to rely on others, I want them to make a map for themselves and for this year's project to be a learning experience. Good ideas, but I don't want to clutter the forum with another thread and I also don't want mappers to rely on others, plus I'd like to keep the "one map per person" rule.
  4. This is the DMP's third year with a "no textures" rule. As for the demos rule, it's supposed to be a fun experiment/challenge for many experienced and inexperienced mappers. I'm trying to help people become better mappers.
  5. I created the DMP. The rules have changed before and this year's no different.
  6. DOOMWORLD MEGA PROJECT 2018 This year's project is a bit different from previous years, so READ THE RULES! The basic premise is still the same: trying to get as many mappers as possible to contribute. Any and all maps (any theme, any gameplay, any looks, etc.) will be accepted if they FOLLOW THE RULES. This is what mapping is like for some of us... RULES (frequently asked questions) 1) Mappers must record a demo of themselves beating their own map on UV difficulty (-skill 4). The demo doesn't have to be fast or good in any way, it just has to show the mapper exiting their own map without cheats or saves. 2) Mappers only get one chance to submit their map. Once a mapper submits their map, it is considered final and the map can't be edited again for any reason. 3) Mappers must include their demo along with their map in a zip file. When you submit your map, don't forget to add your demo to the zip file. The demo must be recorded on the exact version of the wad in the zip file. Other Rules: --- One map per person (single player, doom 2, coop starts not required) --- Only these map formats and demo formats are allowed: vanilla, limit-removing, boom (no zdoom) --- NO new textures, flats, sprites, sounds, skies, dehacked, mapinfo, liquid falls, etc. NOTHING except... --- New music IS allowed (midi only) --- DON'T use map07 or map30 slots and DON'T use secret exit line actions --- When your map is done and your demo is recorded, upload the zip file to dropbox or something similar and post it in this thread with any information you want added to the final text file DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31st, 2018 AT 23:59 EASTERN TIME HOW TO RECORD A DEMO --- Download a source port like prboom-plus that can record doom 2 format or boom format demos. --- Put doom2.wad and your wad into your prboom-plus folder. --- Change the default compatibility level of prboom-plus to match the compatibility level of your map by going into your prboom-plus folder, opening prboom-plus.cfg with a text editor like Notepad.exe, and changing the number "-1" beside default_compatibility_level (near the top, under # Misc settings). For vanilla and limit-removing maps use 2, for boom maps use 9. This ensures that you are testing your map with the proper behavior. --- Open a text editor like Notepad.exe and type in the text below: prboom-plus -iwad doom2.wad -skill 4 -complevel 2 -warp 1 -file yourwad.wad -record yourwad.lmp--- Save the file and replace the TXT file extension with BAT. This creates a batch file that you can double-click to automatically start recording a demo. --- Use -complevel 2 for vanilla and limit-removing maps, and -complevel 9 for boom maps. Doomworld Mega Project 2017 Doomworld Mega Project 2016 Doomworld Mega Project 2015 Doomworld Mega Project 2014 Doomworld Mega Project 2013 Doomworld Mega Project 2012
  7. Just saying, I released dmp2016 on January 5th, and then fixed a couple things and uploaded to /idgames in April.
  8. My computer doesn't have sound, so I've been playing/recording with no sound since 2012.
  9. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/asjei5n9klit02b/TODsubtleshun.zip?dl=0 Author: TimeOfDeath Map name: Subtle Shun Compatibility: vanilla Playtesting: prboom-plus -complevel 2, choco renderlimts, doom.exe v1.9 Allow jumping and\or crouching: no jumping, no crouching Skill settings: UV only Build time: 2 days Tools used: doom builder 1.68 Resources: none Music track: Reflective Fades by Nostril Caverns Bugs: monsters can get stuck in the doorways Comments: I made most of the map yesterday, then finished it up this morning and recorded a demo. EDIT - turns out the map is vanilla compatible, but not recommended because of disappearing things
  10. Five years, zero TimeOfDeath wads. Almost as bad as the cacodemon awards. Just saying.
  11. When I edit an iwad map, I first build a replica from scratch (no copy/pasting from original to replica) and then add new stuff after.
  12. Not gonna happen. Ever since I joined doomworld and zdaemon there have been vocal slaughtermap haters and none of them have ever recorded a demo, because anyone who can quickly beat slaughtermaps in a single segment demo is unable to hate slaughtermaps. Depending on who makes it, slaughtermaps are the pinnacle of doom mapping, but they'll always have plenty of haters and be misunderstood by many.
  13. He wants to make money from his doom mod that is called Brutal what? DOOM. When's the last time you saw one of those Brutal McDonald's fast food restaurants? He should consider himself lucky. I think this is actually a positive thing in that all it took was a simple re-wording of his blatant patreon description for the suits to be satisfied. btw, what's brutal doom?
  14. Multiple reality wads predate that one. The earliest reality wad I can remember is from 1995: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/0-9/100pctv2 (read the txt file)
  15. Since nobody said it directly (except Linguica's filename), the category is called "reality" (there's also a category called "r3ality" for accidental damage from sector effects like lava). You could try searching /idgames or doomedsda.us for reality/r3ality.