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  1. ESP2

    rdwpa - Yeah sorry about that, but it was the only demo I had for that map and I didn't feel like recording one myself right now. Grain of Salt - I don't think you were playing map01 in complevel 2 :) Demonologist - It's just another compilation of old maps, though udino hasn't officially been released yet. The music is all new, even though I already released it in 2017. mun - For teledest, the romero head is the teleport destination, so when you enter the teleporter you will land wherever the romero head is, so you have to shoot the romero head to where you want to teleport.
  2. ESP2

    Download: ESP2.zip (31MB) MAP02-18 (-complevel 2) MAP20-24 (-complevel 9) MAP26-34 (zdoom) MAP36-37 (zdaemon)
  3. Yeah, I'd be surprised if he even finishes the 90s wads. I was only playing doom2 single player wads (mostly excluding /ports). This seems more like clickbait than anything else. Actually completing this requires severe life-crippling dedication and way too much time. Like that Indian guy who stood next to a tree for 7 years straight, you'd have to be a crazy religious nut. Is he going to exit every map? Is he going to kill all monsters? Is he going to cheat on hard maps? When he gets stuck on a map, is he going to look in an editor to figure out if he missed something or if it's a map bug? etc. etc. etc.
  4. Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    CarboxylicAcids, judging by your edit it seems like you edited your map which is against rule#2. Could you post the original map?
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    By the way, feel free to check out my new death metal album: https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/sanitys-unnecessary-elaborations-2018 It's basically the musical version of this wad with weird/convoluted/difficult songs, three songs each have 100 non-repeating sections that I memorized, and I recorded the guitars/drums like a non-TAS demo. And thanks for playing this wad. Some more TOD lore: I don't remember why I made this wad, it's just a compilation, but it was a bit tricky to compile everything without desyncing all the demos (the only demo I couldn't salvage was map29). The title is a reference to my first screen name on zdaemon "eternal slumber" (which was also one of my oldest songs from the 90s) and turned into a Wheel of Fortune "before and after" puzzle by adding "party" to the end. For this wad I also made multiple interpics by taking a screenshot of each map and using them as cwilv graphics. map01 - Part 1 in my super-epic-huge trilogy with map03 and 05. On the automap the area in the top-right reminds me of an ear and the top-left reminds me of some big boss enemy. The area in the bottom right was from a separate map that I added to this. Same with the final mansion area, that was from one of the 32in24 dm wads and was inspired by the game Undying. map02 - Quake is a fun game and you should play it. Also, when the lava raises at the end, there's one small sector in the east that raises a bit too high than it should. I didn't notice that until after releasing it but it doesn't matter. map03 - Part 2. I actually made the north and south sections separately and then added them together at the end so my computer would run faster while I made it. map04 - Silent Hill 2 is also a cool game. This recreation is actually much more interesting than the original since you can climb on stuff and actually fight. map05 - Part 3. It took a several tries to get the wallrun-through-the-void to work properly based on those two perimeter sectors because every time I would add new sectors after that it would ruin the wallrun ability. I was also pretty proud of that giant boss monster in the throne. The exit is super anti-climactic and reminds me of the exit to eternall map29. In the southern section with the two pyraminds, once you clear that section and walk through the door at the top of the stairs, the cross on the southern wall changes from a normal cross to an inverted one, just for fun. map06 - Don't know what Demon of the Well is talking about here, this map is great. map07 - As was already said, KSP stands for kite/snail/plane, but I also have an inside joke with myself where it stands for something else involving the adult tease model kari sweets. map08 - Inspired by Oblige v3.43. I used to edit the lua files to get it to build fun bfg spam maps like this one map09 - I was really into eating supernibs when I made this. map10 - 100lines project was fun. map11 - One of the very rare times I never recorded a demo on my map. I posted this in the SF thread and then gggmork I think recorded a demo pretty quickly, so I never ended up doing one myself. Wouldn't say I was mystified by the name (I was in French immersion at school when I was younger), just that I was really into eating those chocolate croissants at the time. Soooooo good. map12 - The progression in this map is identical to the original Silent Hill 2 version iirc (and most of the monster placement is the same too), and the SSG is in the same spot as where you get the shotgun in SH2. The winding hallway with the screaming rockets near the end is where Pyramid Head chases you. map13 - Originally made for one of DoomHero85's projects I think. map14 - I love making maps like this. It's a take on some of the horribly textured and weirdly built wads of the 90s that somehow also look cool and have fun gameplay. map15 - These are the first five maps I ever built in 2005 for my dietest wad (before dib) added together into one map with ammo and health added (the original maps were designed for coop with deaths). I had a lot of practise playing through the original 5 maps together, so I added them into one map for fun. map16 - This map has a separate route designed for speed that involves doing a rocket jump against the bfg bars. map17 - Rising stairs (and double rising stairs) with 100 lines. map19 - Inspired by epic oldschool maps with non-slaughter tough gameplay, compatible with doom.exe. I always planned (and still plan) on having my next degrassi girl map start off from where the exit is in this map. map20 - I took the name from Double Impact and turned it into a joke. Check out e1m9 in bustagut for more funnies. map21 - Another epic modernized oldschool map toughened up, with effects here and there. This was designed for doom 1.666 where there are many less linedef actions to choose from. For some reason when I tested this in vanilla, once in a while one of the crushers in the crusher hallway (the "TIT" hallway, where there are several rooms with a monster inside you kill with a crusher) wouldn't activate when I pressed the switch. That never happened to me in prplus. Incompatibility? In my demo, the demon at the exit didn't get crushed immediately, but I was able to edit the map without desyncing the demo, so now the demon gets crushed immediately but you can see my still waiting to exit. map23 - My first anigav map. Grazza showed that you can exit the map within seconds with a void press or whatever you call it. You can also kill the romero head through the wall with rockets. map25 - This map was built like that, it wasn't rotated after. map26 - Named after the old game show. This was originally made for I think Obsidian's speedmap project where you can only use wolfenstein textures, but I spent a little more time on it. map28 - Notice how the cacos spawn on the ceiling like those monsters in Quake do. map29 - This map does the equivalent of zdoom's thing_spawn by making the plasma rifles and megaspheres shootable and having barrels push them over teleport linedefs after you press a switch to crush the barrels. You have to kill all the cybers to access the pink bfg. There's actually a bug where you can get stuck if you don't kill a certain cyber before entering an area, but I left it in. map30 - This map started out as a demonstration of things that don't work in zdoom. Those word lines in the void used to crash zdoom, you couldn't wallrun against things, bumping physics were different, etc. The archvile jump with mid-air wallrunning segment is a take on the rjumping with mid-air wallrunning like in rjumpq. map31 - My longest map. Recording on this was a pain because of my dogs. I'll make a sequel after they die. Those green cacos were taken from coopbuild, obviously without Toke's permission, but they only have half health (I think they were 16000 in coopbuild). map32 - The tv remote on the ground was all Jim Flynn. You can see I started making eternall map32 but stopped (the map ends at map31). map33 - Another ugly but hot map, I love it. A merkin is a pubic wig.
  6. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Whichever one would let me touch them :) I wonder if Charlotte Arnold and Annie Clark would...
  7. Jim Flynn

    His maps were super inspiring, I love how weird and puzzly they got.
  8. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    I didn't realize the blood code was mixed up, I guess it could be interpreted that crazy Joseph wrote the numbers down wrong. I'll finish some of those old maps one day. Actually, the pink bfg first appeared in em116, but I've used infinite ammo weapons in my maps since the beginning. Haven't played Chip's Challenge in a long time, maybe I will soon. Unfortunately I can't stream because the internet out here in farm country can't handle it.
  9. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Ok sure :)
  10. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    map02 - the last batch of monsters teleport in after you walk through the exit door, but only if all of the keens or cybers are already dead. You're expected to know the Quake secrets (the bfg secret is the quad damage secret). Quake is a really cool game. map03 - standing on the rock platforms without them falling into the lava so you can wait for the exit to lower was actually unintentional, that's a pretty huge shortcut that I'm glad exists now. When you go through the key doors in the north, there's a rad suit you use for the exit. map06 - the original zdoom version of smedley had a better puzzle for the numbers/piano puzzle. In the zdoom version, when you teleport into that big dark room with the piano, the music changes to a piano melody. When you press the piano keys, it plays piano notes. So to solve the puzzle you have to play the piano melody. About the big maps, they're just something I like to make and play. There's just something super cool about finishing a weird giant map. All of my maps are made and played on my 16-year-old computer, so that level of detail and monster density is pretty much the limit of what I can make and play on this computer (without nodes taking too long to build and fps getting too low).
  11. Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    The demo requirement is only for this year's project and is only to show the mapper beating their map. The quality of the demo doesn't matter at all, it doesn't have to be a speedrun or anything, it's just used for verification purposes. zdoom was banned only for this year because of demo compatibility issues. Spectre01, if you record a boom format demo in eternity, will it play back in prboom-plus? Otherwise, you could make a vanilla or limit-removing map and use -longtics with -complevel 2.
  12. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    hey cool thread :) map11 music should be Kingdom Hearts 2 - Magical Mystery, and map31 music should be Mega Man Legends - Tron In Love. I haven't played any of these games, I just found the songs on vgmusic.com. For degrassi, iirc it wasn't so much rejected from cc4 as it was me withdrawing the submission. The "sr50sux" room was added for cc4 and how I didn't use any cc4 textures was an issue, but what was too much for me was that there'd have to be gameplay changes and I didn't want to water down my map just to be in cc4.
  13. Doomworld Mega Project Series Demos

    Ok thanks, I was curious because I never encountered a linedef skip there during testing. I did one more exit for dmp2017 map05 max 3:58
  14. Doomworld Mega Project Series Demos

    dmp2017 map05 max 4:09 I used rdwpa's route and just tried to luck out in the last room until I got an exit.
  15. Doomworld Mega Project Series Demos

    Hey rdwpa, what linedef is skipping for you?