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  1. TimeOfDeath666

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Thanks for all the hard work! That was nuts!
  2. TimeOfDeath666

    West Virginia (empty map)

    Here are the TV channels I've picked up from West Virginia:
  3. TimeOfDeath666

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Thankfully I don't get any pains from drumming. I tried that grip you posted and of course it felt too weird :)
  4. TimeOfDeath666

    Any DMP2019

    Yeah I also like how it highlights in the editor what each barrel does when you move the mouse over it, instead of having to scroll through text in scripts to see what something does.
  5. TimeOfDeath666

    Any DMP2019

    Here are some examples of zdoom (doom in hexen) format mapping using thing tags and thing actions:
  6. TimeOfDeath666

    Any DMP2019

    What editor is that? The configuration looks right (zdoom/doom2/hexen format). I haven't used udmf before so I'm not sure what the differences are. Hexen format is sort of like boom format but with extra zdoom things, thing tags/actions, acs scripting etc.
  7. TimeOfDeath666

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Sorry to bump, but I've noticed the music for Degrassi always gets commented on here and youtube etc., so here is where the music comes from: https://elilitwin.bandcamp.com/album/metal-midis - the Degrassi music is track 4. That guy used to have a myspace page for that stuff and I came across it because he played drums in a band I like. He sent me those midis in 2009. If you want to use those midis you should try contacting him.
  8. TimeOfDeath666

    Any DMP2019

    Only one map person and coop compatibility isn't required.
  9. TimeOfDeath666

    Self-referencing door

    I don't know the specifics, but door actions don't seem to work in vanilla compatibility when self-referencing linedefs are involved. The same thing happens with normal doors if you put a self-referencing linedef inside the door sector. I'm assuming the reason it worked in prboom+ is because you were using the default compatibility setting and not -complevel 2. For vanilla compatibility, maybe you could change the door action to a floor action instead.
  10. TimeOfDeath666

    Any DMP2019

    For dmp2020 I'd like to use the original idea for dmp2019 that I posted earlier in this thread: maps must be zdoom (doom in hexen) format, maps must be compatible with zdoom 2.8.1, maps must have some mandatory jumping in them (jumping will not be disabled in mapinfo), new music/textures/flats/sprites/decorate will be allowed. GoS, yeah I hope to make some really big maps now with the new computer, but because my aiming and movement is worse with the trackball instead of the mouse, my new maps will be less hardcore and new demos will be slower.
  11. TimeOfDeath666

    Any DMP2019

    Well it sucks to be the universe because I started playing doom again. Didn't play at all for 5 months, which is by far the longest break I've had since before registering here. Started using a trackball instead of a mouse and put the keyboard/trackball on a pillow on my lap. My aim/movement isn't as good, but I can now play for long periods of time like this. Also finally upgraded my winxp computer to a new win10 computer and loading my biggest maps into doom builder and building nodes only takes a couple seconds now. Plus I've been playing with sound again, played most of av.wad the last week and playing with the music+sfx gave a super intense feeling of nostalgia from when I used to play av on zdaemon. Anyway, looks like DMP2020 will be happening now, zdoom 2.8.1 compatible with jumping, mark your calendars.
  12. TimeOfDeath666

    [Vanilla] Instantly lowering ceilings!

    Your idea of monsters activating the instant ceilings was quite clever :) I just remembered that instant ceilings were also used to reveal the boat when you fall into the water in the wad I posted:
  13. TimeOfDeath666

    [Vanilla] Instantly lowering ceilings!

    This is a cool trick. I noticed it occasionally when going through /idgames when people would accidentally (I'm assuming) use GR shootable doors with a zero tag. https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/17438-the-room-below/ uses it intentionally to help transition the ceiling heights in the start room, but it's hard to tell because there are a bunch of linedefs stacked on top of each other to begin the sequence.
  14. TimeOfDeath666

    Compiling on Windows 10

    Aw heck yeah, you're the best!