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Status Updates posted by TimeOfDeath666

  1. YO

    I wrote 3 new songs during a couple months after the show Dave and I played in Hamilton last Halloween. But Dave's being a professional crastinator, so I recorded the guitar and drums by myself last night and today. The songs haven't shown up on http://myspace.com/timeofdeath yet, but here are download links if you want.

    The songs are similar to that song Nostril Caverns I posted a while ago.




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    2. TimeOfDeath666


      My older stuff is brutal death metal and I recently finished writing a brutal death/black metal cd called "It's a Trap". The song "killing is stupid" is on http://myspace.com/timeofdeath. There's also the song "Shard 10 to 17" on the myspace page which is probably the "brutal-est" stuff I've done, but the drums are programmed (It's from 2002-2003).

    3. j4rio


      I'm not that much of a genre freak. Some of those tracks are badass.

    4. Bucket


      Good stuff here. It reminds me a lot of The Red Chord.