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  1. Corrupted Marine

    new doom3 weapons mod relase!!!

    Awesome! Cant wait to try it!
  2. Corrupted Marine

    made a zdoom level

  3. Corrupted Marine

    Converting Xbox 360 RockBand drums to MIDI drum kit!

    Mine is running as 4.4msec. Pretty much, theres no delay in latency, it works just great for me. The only problem we have found so far is that the rock band set is taking a beating. lol We put electric drum pads on it but its just not made for that kind of playing we do, of course were a metal group.
  4. Corrupted Marine

    Converting Xbox 360 RockBand drums to MIDI drum kit!

    The only reason your having a problem with latency is because your computer isnt processing the audio properly. You just have to have a good set up. 2 gigs of ddr2 should eliminate that delay. I use 4 gigs to help process all my other instruments at the same time and still maintain high audio quality. It also has a lot to do with your sound card. I'm using a SoundBlaster Fatality. It works great. But of course if your big time into music you dont want to stick with this as a permanent solution, but my setup works fine for me until I get the money to afford better equipment.
  5. Corrupted Marine

    Converting Xbox 360 RockBand drums to MIDI drum kit!

    Using the rockband remote beats the hell out of paying 500-1200 dollars for an average electric drum kit, which is virtually the same thing as the rock band drum controller anyways, just more complex. But there again, buy two rock band drum controllers... equally as complex and about 20 times cheaper. :D
  6. Converting Xbox 360 RockBand Drums to MIDI Drum kit: Play Version: ------------------------------------- Required Items: -xbox 360 RockBand Drum controller w/bass pedal -computer software GlovePIE (Get Here: http://carl.kenner.googlepages.com/glovepie_download) -A computer with USB support Instructions: 1. Plug your drum controller into your PC. It should automatically detect your hardware and install the driver, but if it doesnt, you can go to the microsoft web site and download xbox 360 controller drivers. 2. Open the program GlovePIE and enter the following information into the code section where it says "Type your program here." midi.OpenHiHat = joystick1.Button2; //red midi.CrashCymbal1 = joystick1.Button1; //green midi.LowFloorTom = joystick1.Button3; //blue midi.AcousticSnare = joystick1.Button4; //yellow midi.BassDrum1 = joystick1.Button5; //pedal 3. Click RUN in GlovePIE 4. ENJOY!!! -------------------------------- Further note for recording musicians. If you need a cheap electric drum set, this is your solution. I have a modded rock band drum kit in my studio and it works like a dream when it comes to recording drum tracks, my drummer loves it and it works great. The drum kit I have in my studio is 2 rock band drum sets. So I have 8 pads and a double bass pedal. :D I only spent about 80 bucks for both rock band drum controllers, so ive basically got an 80 dollar 10 peice electric drum set! Now, in order to get your drum controller to play midi through your audio sequencer, your going to have to know a bit about midi recording and learn how GlovePIE works, because, im not going to make a tutorial on how to get it to work through your audio software. I use a virtual MIDI keyboard and virtual MIDI ports to rig my drum kit up to play through my software.
  7. Corrupted Marine

    Quick DECORATE question...

    Nevermind I fixed it! :) Thanks to everyone for helping.
  8. Corrupted Marine

    Quick DECORATE question...

    Well how would I use ACS_execute in decorate? I tried using it with my actor death phase and it always crashes zdoom.
  9. Corrupted Marine

    Quick DECORATE question...

    Yeah you can, but the problem is, the monsters will respawn at a certain time and when they respawn they wont have that flag. I need to be able to add that into the decorate code so that every actor will have that flag by default.
  10. Corrupted Marine

    Quick DECORATE question...

    I am trying to make my actor activate a script that is in my map. The idea is that the script will activate when this particular actor is killed. I have looked for the code all over the zdoom documentation and have found nothing except ACS_Execute which isnt a decorate function. Can anyone help me out please?
  11. Corrupted Marine

    a few noob questions.

    I would enjoy seeing some of your graphics work. You should post some screens or something on your project.
  12. Corrupted Marine

    [New] Temple of Eradication

    heh, I beta tested this wad. Nice job Sausage!
  13. Corrupted Marine

    Risen3D Problem

    Not on topic, but heres the latest screen of my risen3d progress. >>> http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/916/projectnd5.png
  14. You know, this project really isnt half as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I mean sure, it has a large amount of bad points, the copyright mp3's are the main one, but its still kind of interesting to play. When I first played it, I didnt stop until I beat it, I actually got into it. A little bit interesting. Its pretty fun to play a project that someone else created. Everyone has a little creativity. My opinion in this, is that someone said it sucked, and where theres one, another will follow, and then more, and more. Since pretty much everyone says it sucks, of cource noone will admit that its not that bad. Its really not necessary to totally diss this project. There are TONS more projects out there right now that suck total ass. MUCH worse than this one, and everyone always refers to this as being the worst project in doom history. There are many worse ones. also, believe it or not, the person/people that helped with this project probably put a lot of effort into it. Not everyone is blessed with perfect creative ability. The less fortunate ones have to work a lot harder to create decent looking projects. Come on people... Lets find another project to hate on... Surely were all getting a little tired of dogging this project.
  15. Corrupted Marine

    Risen3D Problem

    Yeah, so anyways, thanks to hawkwind, I fixed the problem. Now I have this really cool looking bridge. >>> http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/74/untitledvp5.png thanks everyone for the input.