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  1. hey everyone. i just got big into myspace. if you guys wanna see the REAL corrupted marine. go to my URL:

    i have some pics of me, and a few drawings/poems that i did on my blogs. so that may be interesting to some of you.

    and if any of you doomers have a myspace. add me.


    1. Lüt


      Heh. I've tried to avoid that site since its conception, but now that I've found a bunch of people I haven't talked to for years on it, I'm probably going to make a profile soon.

    2. Gokuma


      I recently got a myspace and so far all my friends are people I had met irl long before. It's definitely cool for staying in touch with people like that as a few of them I had no other way to directly contact. But just so you know, myspace is owned by Fox and Rupert Murdoch.