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  1. DrillSarge

    more doom analysis

    yeah this map is my favorite. played this map 3 years ago first time, everytime i went down into the canalisationsystem i got panic :>. it was just great. also i love Mt.Erebus, perfect to play with the music of playstation version. also the secret level warrens is just great, so many damned tricks and traps like the real one of doom2. generally i prefer the doom maps with hell atmosphere :).
  2. DrillSarge

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    I want you to know that the whole germany is very sad about happened things....childs who lost their parents....their whole family....man cant realize....firefighters and policemans just wanted to help and died...DAMNED it hurts. REST IN PEACE ! btw.: war against america is war against germany, we will get their asses and wipe them out. i hope you people can understand what i mean, my english is bad.
  3. I´am searching for the ingame music of ultimate doom on sega saturn, cannot be compared to the pc soundtrack. well, does anyone knows a link where i can get this one ? thx.
  4. DrillSarge

    Ultimate DooM - Soundtrack on Sega Saturn

    thx a lot, your page is exactly what iam searching for :)). psx & saturn soundtrack is still the same one, played both :D. sorry about my bad english ;).