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  1. Ya know, I just realized that I've been registered since october 2001, and I just got my 200th post tonight. I was also registered for a good 6-8 months before the forums got switched and I only had like a hundred posts then...Which makes me think one of two things. 1. I only say things when they're important and pertain to the conversation, and I hate getting involved in flame wars etc. or 2. I just don't have much to say and I don't really matter.

    What's the correct answer? You decide!

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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      I've seen Jello a few times, IIRC.

    3. kain


      ive been her a long ass time too. i dont even know who you are dude.lol

    4. Ichor


      There's always room for Jello.