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  1. Coppermine

    help doom sorta.....

    You keyboard guppies, what's wrong with you people.
  2. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    From what I heard the only thing clan hz was infamous for was being annoying and crappy. Which is why you've been expelled.
  3. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    Really, well then why would this fool 999cop try and pass him off as a secret weapon if the only weapon he knows how to use is the BFG?
  4. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    Uh huh, well, you've never heard ANYONE mention my name, so how could you even begin to make assumptions? It doesn't matter. Clan HZ plays doom for fun and teamwork, not absolute victory.
  5. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    You have no idea who I am, yet you can still claim that so diligently? You really are quite ignorant aren't you?
  6. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    If you call that invincible then your perceptions truely are deluded.
  7. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    No defense is required, clan HZ is in much more capable hands now then it ever was. As much as we appreciate your concern for the clans well being, it is unrequired and rather annoying.
  8. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    Nice try idiot. You'll get a chance to play me when the HZ site goes up.
  9. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    Apathetic Ignorance, a very rare personality trait... Hmmm, I'll keep that in mind when I see you around here.
  10. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    Four words for ya, Cry me a river. Clan HZ is moving forward, with or without your consent.
  11. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    Such meaningless hatred, I am quite glad you are no longer a member of clan HZ, 999cop.
  12. Coppermine

    Clan Ressurection

    This wasn't exactly an easy decision to come across, I know for a fact that I am going to met with flamitory comments, but oh well, here it goes. Clan HZ is being ressurected under my command. Any doomers who wish to join can email me at coppermine42@hotmail.com I will search through the requests to join (assuming there are any) and check on the background of each doomer to ensure that they are hardcore, the real deal. Previous HZ members will be enlisted without question of course, I wouldn't want to undermine what the clan originally had. A web site is planned pending on intrest in the community. Thanks, bye.
  13. Coppermine

    Well, how about it?

  14. Coppermine

    I'm leaving again...

    *cough* QUITTER!@!!!! *cough*
  15. Coppermine


    If goats are blue, then what are you?