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  1. ivanrolim

    The Sky May Be

    Doomsdays says that: "7.2 Dehacked Patches: Most features of Dehacked are supported by Doomsday's Dehacked reader. The loader will print a message during startup if an unsupported feature is used. (...) If a lump named DEHACKED is found in a WAD, it will be automatically applied when the WAD is loaded. Normally only the last DEHACKED lump is used if a lump with that name is found in multiple WADs. Use the option -alldehs to make the engine apply all found DEHACKED lumps. " So we also could load the WAD without the -deh command file. But SKYMAYBE don´t have DEHACKED lumps (AFAIK). Anyone knows where to download another dehacked (old version)? Or Anyone able to use XWE to add this DEHACKED lump? Doomsday with SMB is really eyecandy :D
  2. ivanrolim

    The Sky May Be

    Doomsday simple crashes when using the SKYMAYBE.WAD with -deh [directory\blessed.deh] arguments in other options tab. It detects blessed.deh at the startup and apply dehacked patch but the game goes back to windows :( When in a windowed mode, a message appears : ----------- E2M1 - Deimos Anomaly Z_Checkmap: next block doesn´t have proper back link. ----------- However, without blessed.deh, it works flawlessly... so Doomsday is not suited? I use 1.8.2 (even allowing 80mb of RAM for Doomsday, the crash remains). I didn´t check any of the addons, definitions, and model options. Zdoom instead?
  3. ivanrolim

    Team Corruptions Project [new project]

    Sorry, Pika132, my objective was not to look fool or start brainstorming here, but to talk about overlooked effects, and of course contribute with some ideas :) Of course I´ve also made great maps, since edmap until doombuilder, and I´m getting more insights with dehacked. I referred Doom becoming powerful in regard to the effects added to its unchanged core (source ports), of course :/ A Gigawad is a bunch of megawads. It´s possible to do that without much hazzle, using the powerful doom ports we have so far. I started to make one, it will be even new items to pick up and more keys. Using PSP for those is enough. :) Why, you ask? We don´t have to restart the map, flushing the memory cache and resetting what we´ve done. May have to increase save-game bump limits, though. Some people complained that too large megawads don´t allow save/load game actions. It´s awful :/ For about the disk space I referred to...try to make a Quake2 map and you´ll see it growing to 1, 2, 3megabytes quickly. :/ So I´ve meant to say that even a dozen of joined megawads may be less in size of a normal quake map. And that´s why I never abandon doom2 editing :) No, I´ve not seen a great doom map with 3d asteroids and wind effects pushing you without the floor moving, for example. Have to think about creating nice 3d asteroids and put in the wad lump. About the teleports on a fake multilevel in one megawad... after selecting a teleporter, you get to a given area of the map, full of corridors and sectors. When you get 50 frags, a script let you all spawned back to the first corridor of switches, so you could choose another ´level´. (or a ´escape´ door is opened to this main corridor) I´ll see R-ONE, thank you! I need some ideas, too :) That´s it.
  4. ivanrolim

    The Sky May Be

    The documentation only take care of doom_smb.exe, I don´t like the old crappy resolution :/ ANyone get it worked in DOomsday? I´ve tried to play around its command-like options to include .DEH file. :/
  5. ivanrolim

    The Sky May Be

    I´ve downloaded it, and I´m testing it. In the old times, he used windows95 that sometimes crashed, but now with our XP systems and DOomsday and Zdoom, for example, it could rockz :D The author says: 'This is the STRANGEST wad ever made. Most of the action takes place in a cube 8192x8192x8192 in size.. A two-year production with more new graphics than any other PWAD in the known galaxy. Built using monomolecular technology in DEU!'
  6. ivanrolim

    Team Corruptions Project [new project]

    Some cool projects starting on... but please don´t let it unfinished, like Ghostbusters doom! :/ I see here a new taste of doom, with endless ideas that no one had time to develop in the past :) I would like to help a bit, mostly if you guys start making great megawads in space-like enviroments :)))... Doom is so powerful now, a Gigawad may be still LESS in disk space (~2mb) than a medium or even tiny quake2 or unreal map! (3 to 5mb) I know it´s possible to do a great spaceship with high-tech bathrooms, the bedroom of the crew, the spherical gravity room, moving planets outside and so on (I dunno if Dehacked patches could do things like 3d asteroids moving and winds, however), anyone want to do nice effects like these in your space levels? Also, some megawads and projects got so involving storylines that the replay value was impressive and I´m still playing today :) So why not messagens after each event, like picking up a key, open space textures, asteroids, new items to pick up like spacesuits, die for lack of oxygen, and scripts which tell you what other astronauts are doing in the level (even if there are none), like a radio message? I don´t know why 95% of people making levels do it in ´lonely´ environments (aside of monsters). No interaction at all :( I don´t know if you, project enthusiasts, are going to do some of the levels deathmatched, if so, why not having 4 or 5 levels in just one megawad? Players start in a closed area in a spaceship, for example, with 4 or 5 switches, pressing one of them open a teleport area to a far place in the level; when all get teleported, another switch close them, until 50 frags are gotten! :) Scripting could do this job! Or a bit of creativity. How about adding a image after the end of each level, showing were are you in the region map (like doom1)? The map could change if you end 8 or 10 levels. It let players wondering the TC is actually huge :), specially if we are hacking doom1 to handle 20 levels on each episode (or doom2 to have 50 levels) Lastly, we could nulify savegame menu while in this wad (it only happens when you come back to a communicator room, or a special tech machine). It would be a very nice idea, it breaks the classic gameplay :) Oh so many ideas....sorry for the long post :o (have to edit, sure...)
  7. ivanrolim

    Need help [dehacked]

    You will need to use the Boom program to create the DEHACKED file because it´s the only way you could change its basic features to your own. Well, there are others, but the scope here is DEHACKED patches. (.BEX) Doom2.exe must be untouched, however the BEX file can, it´s actually a stripped copy of the EXE (only the workable features, like monster speed, and so on). You could do anything with it, provided you add it when running the source port (zdoom, risen3d...). Doomsday, for example, uses external .DED files. You will need to include Dehacked information into the WAD, otherwise it will not detect the BEX. That´s why we use XWE for (I think). I don´t know how far can we go in a BEX file (adding gravity strings, complex scripts of events, double weapon), so check the documentation :) A page to look for: http://www.btinternet.com/~Enjay001/deh01.htm I´m eager to see your rain/storm/snow patches, if you like :D
  8. ivanrolim

    All The Things You Need

    Doomsday could be, in the near future, that kind of a ´God´ port of doom-like games, which a particular game will only require a different plugin, otherwise doomsday .EXE could expand to undesirable sizes... However, Doomsday will tend to priorize one type game at a time. Whilst improving with Heretic features, for example, another port 100% dedicated to heretic will succeed in the end. It´s difficult to remain 'top-notch' and updated all the time. Plugins, on the other hand, could take care of that. Each plugin for each developer! :) Why to reinvent the whell? A God port (DoomsdayCore) could use all the basic things every plugin could extend, and the uniqueness of each will be guaranteed. I´m sticking with Zdoom, because it´s more low-level (hacking, scripts...) :P
  9. Wow, thanks for the walkthrough! :) Well....it´s almost that, I´ll explain the golden point: When I refer to ´page up´ or ´down´, I mean using them while pointing at the wall, rather than the ceiling.... in skycraper levels, it´s a pity to increase ceiling height until a certain level. You have to go up with it manually in order to keep seeing at it. In a true sector-over-sector approach, if there is a 2n floor at height 140 but a ceiling of the 1st floor at height 120, it will go up until 139, anything like that, movable if pointed at the wall (or the ceiling, provided we go up automatically with it to keep visualisation) :) When decreasing the floor height, we could also be lowered, because we will be able to just press ´page down´ until the desired depth. Selecting manually the floor and ceiling numbers in 2D is a nice approach but not if we need to adjust ceilings right (need to enter 3d-mode many times) :/ For about Sidedefs....its texture really shows up when the proper name is set, but it will be a lot faster if we can see the texture names starting with the letter(s) we put (then the field pans down) like a menu to select. E.g: typing ´FL´ will show a menu with FLAT1, FLAT2....until FZ. Or better, the first texture (flat1) will be shown, and you could change it pressing left or right, browsing the nearby textures you want. (not need to make the panning feature). It´s not hard to implement :). Anyway it´s a improvement. Not sooo urgent. But really appreciated in the next updates :) Doombuilder is really a kick ass! :D
  10. ivanrolim

    All The Things You Need

    To make a megawad pack, first you have to choose which franchise you want... OpenGL maps, Fog, sector over sector, low-end machine support.... this implies you need a good port for those. For about textures and sounds... gosh, it´s so easy to find them out there. Prefer compatible textures (TIFF), and wav files, though. You will find tons just googling around (google - images search). please be careful with copyrighted ones, anyway! I prefer taking shots in the building walls near my home :D I´m happy we have plenty of ports to choose from. Doom2 levels became a lot different ever since. In the ancient times, we used to be stuck with one monopolized port :/. This was MUCH worse than the discussion above. The fact is that we all, decent players and creative level designers, want a environment with plenty of cool effects and endless ways to explore a level, so every map could be played as unique, not like ´the same plot as X´, ´the same textures as Y´, and ´the same effects as Z´ :/ Port development may never end, this is very nice! They will keep adding new features, like gameplay scripts, hacks (I dream of having doom2 map showing your location at each end of each level, like doom1 was) and TC´s. These are gameplay features that should add ´uniquiness' even if all is made on the same port. Using DED´s, and other machinery, let each level ´play´ around with the limited doom engine. I bear RISen, Doomsday, Legacy, all want to be special in some areas. It´s understandable. But problems arise, as the need of idea protection (if all ports were the same, why bother choosing this or that?) or worse, compatibility issues! Moreover, the need of having 4, 5, 6 ports at once :(. Doom2 community is spreading ever since! In my opinion, the best would be not only ports being compatible to each other, but a bare 'God' Port, unique, flexible, and open enough, with plugins support for every doom port out there, to any level requesting it, like an AVI asks for a DIVX, XVID or FFD codec. :) It´s not easy but it´s not impossible in the near future. And we´ll be blessed with portable unique-ported made levels. :) In the meantime... let´s get the most of each port limits!
  11. ivanrolim

    big buildings....

    I´ve also tried to do these awesome levels :) One of my maps was dethtown.wad , but due to extremme visplane problems, I diminished the map size (it was the old classic doom2 times). Recently I´ve discovered a great map made by someone (biggcity.wad) that has a baseball field and 3 huge buildings (however, only two floors). Anyway, its appearance is okay and sleek! It´s like a contest...we try to make the most of doom2 level editing, using 3d floors or not, reaching its limits (now using legacy, doomsday and doombuilder)! I´m surprised I did not find any mapper which did a multi floor level aside of the classic legacy levels showing the new effects. I´ve seen people doing improvements with doom2 legacy, but in a space environment. Startrek, moon, these things.... It´s possible to do an awesome multifloor ship :) But a friend of mine asked about using sprites... definitely it should be fps friendly.
  12. Even as a Edimap expert, Doombuilder definitelly broke DOS dependence! It´s really a awesome editor :) My maps are built 400% faster than in the old days, but I have to admit it HAS some drawbacks :/ -In the texture selector, I have to delete the already shown name, before entering the new one. It should delete itself automatically and add a new letter I´m typing at the time, so we could browse it faster :) -Should have a way to use page up / down to move ceilings! I´m not trying to convert Doombuilder into a Duke3d Build but I have seen a enormous difference on level build time in skycraper-like levels, when you´re too worried about heights Any more suggestions ? :)