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  1. picklehammer

    Doomworld Confessions

    sometimes I drink right from the juice in the fridge instead of pouring it into a cup
  2. picklehammer

    Doom Plushies

    free hissy.
  3. picklehammer

    id games are too easy

    some of us suck at games so there's that. also hi.
  4. picklehammer

    I hate grades

    there are different systems of grading. I went to a canadian university that uses the 9-point system. 9, 8, and 7 are each the different varieties of A's. 6, 5, and 4 are each the different varieties of B's. my graduating gpa was just over 6.5, which is just between B+ and A-, closer to the A- side. I'm happy enough with it. ps, the picklehammer is back after eight and a half years. thanks bloodshedder for unbanning me.
  5. picklehammer

    Doom 2 in my pocket...

    /me smacks self
  6. picklehammer

    DWANGO5 music?

    all info I have: -Map02: Head Like A Hole (Pretty Hate Machine) -Map03: Something I Can Never Have (Pretty Hate Machine) -Map05: Hurt (The Downward Spiral) -Map06: March of the Pigs (The Downward Spiral) -Map08: Closer (The Downward Spriral) -Map12: Down In It (Pretty Hate Machine) -Map13: Last (Broken) -Map16: A Warm Place (The Downward Spiral) -Map17: Dead Souls (The Crow Soundtrack) -Map19: Sanctified (Pretty Hate Machine) -Map21: Terrible Lie (Pretty Hate Machine) -map18 - 2unlimited - no limit map15 - Come Back And Stay by Paul Young. Recorded in 1983. "I still say that the music for Barrels o' Fun (MAP23?) sounds like a mix between 'Them Bones' by Alice in Chains and 'Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin. Can't anyone make thier own Midis these days...geez. "
  7. picklehammer

    Doom 2 in my pocket...

    yeah I'm going to pick it up on monday.
  8. picklehammer

    Doom 2 in my pocket...

  9. picklehammer

    A Question of Size.

    9 inches long, 3 inches wide
  10. picklehammer

    your music in a musicless Doom

    I love you. <-- has a giant collection of Mike Oldfield stuff
  11. picklehammer

    Two new music replacements for Doom 1

    /me likes
  12. picklehammer

    well its reportcard time

    Interesting what gets sent to post hell yet crap like this is left on. CONGTATELATIYNS!!!! YE LEARND TO TIPE! Now you only have to learn to read and write. Oh and CONGTARUOLATINS ON YUOR GOODE GRAIDS!!!!11 By the way, I'm sure many people here get A's in most classes, myself included. You don't see me making posts like: "HEY LOOKO AT ME I GOT TEH SEVEN A'S AND A B BUT TEH B WAS IN GYM WHICH SUXORZ" Wow - who knew I would be trashing a post. Hopefully next year you won't have to go to summer school like this year - why else would your grades be so late?
  13. picklehammer

    Which midis do you like or dislike and why

    Crispy: The songs you said you weren't sure would fit in the map were mostly mine. I didn't play the maps through and fit the midis accordingly, as I knew the maps would probably be different in play and feel. I just made some songs that would be fitting for various types of maps. um no ;) TTL is my pride and joy! Heh, otherwise the reviews are flattering.
  14. picklehammer

    Amazing Palette-Shifting Gibs

    you're all morons POTI has more time and energy put into it, and is also funnier. Jehovah Gyras were also funnier.
  15. picklehammer

    Doomworld election

    maonth 4 prez