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  1. Devilofdoom

    Test Build of New Map

    As it turns out, the map runs fine in GzDoom if you run this along side it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cq2rbq56nfy5e5g/skulltag_dt_1_3.pk3
  2. Devilofdoom

    Test Build of New Map

    I haven't tried, but I can't see why it wouldn't work. Here are a couple of screenshots ScreenShot1 ScreenShot2
  3. Devilofdoom

    Test Build of New Map

    Hello, I would like to share a test version of a new map I have made. Map was started a long time ago, and as such is designed to be run in SkullTag OpenGl mode, and uses allot of the extra textures and monsters in which Skulltag provides. Unsure if it is possible to get it running in other ports, though I may someday make a GzDoom version. It requires doom2.wad and replaces MAP01. Is intended for either Single Player or Coop. The map is very large and may take an hour or two to complete. Will continue to polish this map and plan to release a final version by the years end. Any suggestions welcome. Link below. Hope you enjoy. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AC0q6dhfg-psp34XAHiar12l2xXWoaNm
  4. Devilofdoom


    Thanks guys. I'll do a littel editing on the light levels. As for the square rooms. It's a bit late for the level's i've already done but i'll try to make them less square in the later maps.
  5. Devilofdoom


    Death is my megawad. So far I have made 7 levels. Download it from this site http://www.freewebs.com/devilofdoom/ Edit- It's made for doom legacy
  6. Devilofdoom

    Best and Worst CD 2005

    Best= Bruce Dickinson- Tyranny Of Souls Worst= Anything thats not Rock/Metal.
  7. Devilofdoom

    Legacy on line ???

    Its got the cool new guns. I like skull tag to.
  8. Devilofdoom

    Worst Level Editors of all time

    Deu is my favorite. I use it for everything it can do. The rest i use doom builder.
  9. Devilofdoom

    Demon HQ

    whats wrong with it?
  10. Devilofdoom

    Demon HQ

    Ok ill take it out of the exe file and post it again soon.
  11. Devilofdoom

    Demon HQ

    Heres a map ive worked on for two years. freewebs.com/devilofdoom/demonhq.zip
  12. Devilofdoom

    Suicidal terrorist demons!

    I tried to increase the speed of bfg blast. It ended up going slower and in the wrong direction. Once it hit something it dident even kill everything in the area like it normaly dose.