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  1. THE_Widowmaker

    Doom super weapons

    I was playing a deathmatch game on my LAN with some friends of mine, and after picking up a bless'd megasphere I got hit in the face with a BFG........AND SURVIVED!!!! How the FUCK is this possible??? I thought a BFG could take out a cyber in 4 shots, and they have about 10K health (or something) or is this just some random bug in the game???
  2. THE_Widowmaker

    favorite monster in doom?

    Fucked if I know. Search google or something. I loved goind the caco- esp in a deathmatch- you could fly around anywhere and dish out some fuck off damage.
  3. THE_Widowmaker

    favorite monster in doom?

    Spicedoom was shite, the cyber only had about a tenth of the health he should have.
  4. THE_Widowmaker

    The Eternal Realm of Sillyness

    WTF???? Intensive care is in a hospital, retard.
  5. THE_Widowmaker

    The Eternal Realm of Sillyness

    Old fucker???? The last person to call me that spent four months in intensive care, with no ribcage to speak of. I recommend you apologise, lest I force feed you with your own urine, then beat the living shit out of you with my diamond encrusted mallet.
  6. THE_Widowmaker

    The Eternal Realm of Sillyness

    XENOMAN aka dickless pig-fucker aka widowmaker fodder. Don't tell me to shut up you greasy weasel, or I'll rip the eyes out of your fat decaying skull.
  7. THE_Widowmaker

    The Eternal Realm of Sillyness

    Me, you annoying little shit. I think both of you can shut the fuck up.
  8. THE_Widowmaker

    yay!! i gots a tnt2 32mb!!

    Pathetic I got a:PXVIII quad 120 yottahertz with 1024 terabytes of RAM and a voodoo 47, and for only 122 quid- bargain!
  9. THE_Widowmaker

    best doom moments

    He obviously is, while talking out of his arse, because as we all know, DooM 2 does feature them.
  10. THE_Widowmaker

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    Why is the file next to this thread on fire?? Is that some kind of a sick fucking joke????
  11. THE_Widowmaker

    episodes on nightmare

    Sure, but in that case answer the question :)
  12. THE_Widowmaker

    episodes on nightmare

    I believe in the thread about the hijackings, someone mentioned it.
  13. Eternal Doom is FUCKING LUSH, so get it naaaaah. Also, Icarus is a damn good'n too. (teamtnt.com fer both)
  14. THE_Widowmaker

    episodes on nightmare

    I can only do E1 and E2 on nightmare. I wondered if any one could do E3 or E4, or are they (as I suspect) impossible. By the way, I found out yesterday that my uncles' best friend (who was a damn good guy) was killed when the WTC was attacked, so anyone who says that this only affects yankees can go back to rimlicking their mum.