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Posts posted by THE_Widowmaker

  1. I was playing a deathmatch game on my LAN with some friends of mine, and after picking up a bless'd megasphere I got hit in the face with a BFG........AND SURVIVED!!!! How the FUCK is this possible??? I thought a BFG could take out a cyber in 4 shots, and they have about 10K health (or something) or is this just some random bug in the game???

  2. I can only do E1 and E2 on nightmare. I wondered if any one could do E3 or E4, or are they (as I suspect) impossible.
    By the way, I found out yesterday that my uncles' best friend (who was a damn good guy) was killed when the WTC was attacked, so anyone who says that this only affects yankees can go back to rimlicking their mum.

  3. I'm disgusted and ashamed that any human is capable of such senseless carnage, but paradoxically it seems unmerciful and complete retaliation is the only solution. I certainly wouldn't be the only one to support the idea of carpet bombing the mother-fuckers. With so many dead and affected by this terrible tragedy it is very difficult to put into words what we all feel, let alone what we want to do to rectify the situation.

  4. What are your top 3 moments in DooM ???
    For me, in reverse order:

    3.Starting a fight between two monsters.

    2.Hitting someone squarely in the face (during deathmatch) at point blank range with a DBS and throwing them 20 feet.

    1.Listening curiously for the first time to metalic hooves and watching in horror as a 15 foot Cyberdaemon comes round the corner spewing rockets at you.

  5. Ok. Does any one know where doom 64 mods and weapon mods for doom can be found. Only one person answered this question and I would like more answers please.
    Also, who makes 'Twice Risen' because I downloaded it a while ago and, fucking impressed, went to see if progress had been made, and none had! pretty annoying, esp. since it was so good.