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  1. Mista T

    Mass Javastruction

    Right now, I've switched from using Linked Lists for storing Lump and Wad Information to using Vectors. Programs that use the Linked Lists for doing data-manipulation will still function, though - I've left the LL code in. Everything will be better performance-wise for version 1.1. Besides, it's still not too hard to pick up errors, to me. I know my code like the back of my hand. If something goes wrong, I usually find it. And in my defense, when you're doing things like converting bytes to integers and vice-versa throughout the entire library, there is bound to be repeats in the code used to do such conversions.
  2. Mista T

    Mass Javastruction

    Yeah, the End-User'll never know what hit 'im - haha. Next up is PlayPal abstraction, and maybe ColorMap and Demo, if I figure it out with the help of the Unofficial Doom FAQ.
  3. Mista T

    Mass Javastruction

    Yeah, I admit that some objects rely on others in the code, but I tried to make it as organized as possible without making everything to horrible. Some code was a pain in the ass to type over and over again, so I made lower classes do it. I think that maybe the worst example of it in DoomStruct is the creation of DoomMaps. DoomMap calls other functions in the Lump constructors, which call other sub-functions to get the data within a DoomMap. Convoluted, I know. High overhead, definitely. But it's still a work in progress.
  4. Mista T

    Coffee for Doom

    I forgot to add that if there is anything that anyone wants me to add to the library, then E-mail me and I'll gladly add it (provided it isn't too insane).