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Status Updates posted by Disorder

  1. It's my birthday. Well not really. But in eight hours it is. I'm gonna go to bed now and dream about all the beatiful gifts I might receive tomorrow.

    Seeya later.

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    2. Sharessa


      I with I could go to bed and dream of beautiful girls I will be getting. :(

      Lüt said:

      Like the unnamed soldier, each one can look at the "happy birthday" replies and think they could belong to him.

      Heh, for some reason that cracked me the fuck up.

    3. Ralphis


      Happy birthday disorder, I will give you a longer word count in your happy birthday than I will when I post in Fredrik's in a moment.

    4. Fredrik
  2. I feel like going to a huge party and dance my ass off. Can't explain the feeling. I'm rocking Chris Clark's tunes through my headphones as I type. Fuck! I feel like dancing. And I'm not even on drugs, except for some caffeine. Could that be it?

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      It's pretty stupid, whatever it stands for. I don't get the obsession people build over this game. It seems to be mind-bendingly popular everywhere else in the world except for here.

    3. chilvence


      I think I'll play doom all day.

    4. Janderson


      Doom Dance Revolution; Test your dancing skills. But don't stop moving because we'll be firing fire balls, rockets and nuclear waste at your face, don't miss a beat or our roof will crush you and don't die or you'll be disqualified.
      The rules;
      1.You are selected at gun point, refusal will lead to disqualification. :wink:wink:
      2.If you win we will press charges.

  3. My dad just measured me. Haven't done that in a while. I appear to be 5'9 (1,80 m). How tall are you?

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    2. Fletcher`


      DooMBoy said:

      You tell me.

      5'11' without socks on, 5"10" with socks on.

    3. Gokuma


      Cyber-Menace is a Cyberdemon.

      Socks are Ravage's kriptonite.

    4. NightmareZer0
  4. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  5. This may sound weird but this is one of my biggest frustrations. When I sit at the table for a nice hot evening meal, I often get very angry. My dad loves to talk with his mouth full of mashed potatoes. And everytime, just before he takes a new bite he makes a strange movement with his lips. It produces a sound so annoying, it makes me shake of frustration. My mom and dad both have faketeeth too, and boy do they love to play around with it (clack, clack).

    I recently discovered a new annoying sound made by my dad (he's good at it, believe me). After he takes a sip of his coffee, he goes 'aaaahhhhhhhhh'. It's worse than the sound of a newborn baby crying at 2 o clock in the morning.

    I'm not saying I'm any better at it, but I just can't help it.

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    2. Linguica


      my roommate eats with his mouth open he'll get some food and just be like SMACK SMACK SMACK lips 3 inches apart all the live long day

    3. Chopkinsca


      I'll pass up having seconds even if I am still hungry just so I can get the fuck away from the noise.

      heh Ling, the filename for that avatar is "pedo.gif". That's great.

    4. Disorder


      Hellbent said:

      My roommates the same way. Is it just your parents, or anyone? I hate people get annoyed easily. My roommate is the king of getting annoyed easily.

      It's anyone really, but my parents are bad because they smack louder.

      heh Ling, the filename for that avatar is "pedo.gif". That's great.


  6. Wtf. I just finished downloading a huge pornmovie just to find out that it is.. translated. Yes, there's a narrator. Around 20 spoken sentences throughout the whole movie, excluding 'fuck me', 'mmmmmmmm' and 'yeah yeah', are translated into some monotone eastern European language. Way to make a boner go limp you fucks.

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    2. ShadowRunner


      DUDE, No one wanted to hear about that, now I have a bad image stuck in my head!!!

    3. DooMBoy


      Draconio said:

      I saw this orgy vid once, where there was this one woman with her head shaved completely bald, and a guy was dribbling semen onto the top of her head.

      Thumbs up

    4. DooMBoy


      ShadowRunner said:

      DUDE, No one wanted to hear about that, now I have a bad image stuck in my head!!!

      I saw this German fetish porno once where this guy was taking a shit, while sucking two large cocks, while ALSO have his nutsack nibbled upon by some chick with large boobs, who was getting it up the arse by some other guy.
      How's THAT for a bad image?

  7. Danarchy said:

    Yeah, mushrooms are my favorite food.

    Have a good trip.

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    2. toxicfluff


      Numbermind said:

      Obviously, he learned that some wild mushrooms get you high, whilst others get you dead.

      Moreso, which.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Scabbed Angel said:

      : ) I didn't realize when I first joined that you were only a few months b4 me. I thought you were an adim or something! LOL. : )

      I used to think the same thing about everyone when I first joined. It's better to assume everyone's an authority, unitl you map out who's who :D

    4. nxn


      I didn't even mean necessarily acid, although I did do it a few times, I was talking about that heroin phase I had a few months ago that's dropped dead now. Thank God.

      And yeah, actually a lot of times shrooms are stronger than acid, at least around here since acid tends to be handled with, exposed to too much heat/light, whatever. So generally shrooms are the preference, but they're honestly hard to get. Spring is coming around so maybe they'll roll about here once or twice before winter comes.

      Someone asked about DXM, and no it's not DMT, DXM is one of the main active ingredients in cough suppressants these days, it's a disasociative. At dosages of 300-400 mg you start to have the mental trip although no visuals, once you climb the latter you're said to have them but I never got that far really. I managed to get some closed eye visuals, but that's all. It is a pretty serious high though, I have marks in my walls from my toe nails proving it. I put them there when I was trying to get into bed, but was too afraid to stand up. Which actually lead to a few horrible horrible fucking nightmares of standing up, losing my balance and falling to the ground as if I was a tree, completely cracking my skull open.

      I guess I should say that it wasn't the bad trips that fucked my head up despite what it seems, I think it's the actual chemical. It's hard to explain, and honestly I can't even be sure it was the dxm that caused it since I do so much shit I shouldn't. For all I know it could be this radioactive dump I live in or just something in my life that always makes me feel like shit and unable to think.

      I seem to be getting into the right path again though, I successfully managed to deny 5-meo-DMT in a one hour long argument with my friend trying to get me to do it. Honestly I'm just scared of what the fuck my brain is going to be reduced to by the time I go to college, and I plan to go to the University of the Arts so I'll most likely be tripping over drugs while walking in the hallways.

      My opinion on drugs was always that they should be legalized and that if a person would be interested in using them he or she would look up information on them to get an understanding of what the consequences might be. And if the person failed to do that, then he or she would deserve the outcomes caused by them. Sounds all great and all, but I did have a firm understanding of everything I did and I still regret doing a lot of it. On the other hand there were things like the Molly pills I took that lead to the single best experiance of my life up to now, and quite possibly until my death.

      I guess I'm falling off; I should pass the drug crown over to someone else.


      EDIT: sorry about not quoting the stuff I was replying to, but I'm just too worn out today.

  8. Goatse is dead. Sign this petition to bring it back alive.

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    2. Kid Airbag
    3. Fredrik


      Kid Airbag said:

      omg goat.cx


    4. lupinx_resurrected


      yall are dumb

      if u look at the link at the bottom of the page it takes you to the
      real thing

  9. AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (Reuters) -- Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander's wife Princess Maxima has given birth to a baby girl, sparking royal celebrations.

    The girl will be second-in-line to the throne. Her birth was announced by the palace on Sunday.

    Queen Beatrix arrived at the hospital in the early evening.

    Willem-Alexander, her eldest son and heir to the throne, married Argentinian-born Maxima Zorreguieta in Amsterdam in February 2002.


    Yay! /celebrates.

    1. lupinx_resurrected
    2. Sharessa


      The Dutch live in The Netherlands (thanks Bahd!).

  10. Since Mordeth put a lock on the drugs thread I decided to post about my experience with Mexican mushrooms here. Two days ago I took some shrooms together with two classmates. We took them during the evening so the visual effects would be more powerful. It was.. amazing. I don't feel like writing a long trip report, but to give you an idea of what I saw and experienced:

    Fun things:
    - Colorful rotating patterns on the walls
    - Closed eye visuals (usually patterns)
    - A plastic bag on the table turned into cute little fox
    - Philosophical ramblings
    - Finishing sentences was very difficult, which resulted in laughing
    - Intense colors, colors seemed to blend
    - Written letters turned into a 'soup' of colors
    - Typical 70's like patterns appeared on walls
    - Food appeared to decay rapidly
    - It feels like you're a spectator in your own body, the body no longer feels yours
    - Eating has never felt so great
    - Drinking felt like having fluids flowing through your body
    - Proportions were distorted (arms seemed longer, shorter or twisted)
    - Bulges appeared in walls
    - Music was fantastic
    - Objects appeared to blend with your own body, sometimes a little scary
    - Sounds coming from the left or right seemed to be right in front of you

    Scary things:
    - I looked at my left arm and it started rotting
    - I sometimes felt like I was about to lose control over the visual effects of the drug

    An unbelievable experience. Looking forward to the next one! Setting, music and the right people around you are very important though. Mushrooms certainly aren't toys :)

    1. Fredrik


      Disorder said:

      - Closed eye visuals (usually patterns)

      Don't most people get this all the time? (Or at least when trying?)

    2. Disorder


      Fredrik said:

      Don't most people get this all the time? (Or at least when trying?)

      Yes, they do. Except they look somewhat like this on mushrooms. They look very vivid and they're very colorful. Far stronger than the usual patterns. And they rotate, move about. Very nice.

      -edit- Copy paste the image. Otherwise linky no worky.

  11. Yay, I'm 22.

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    2. Sharessa


      WTF? You cant drink at 21?

    3. Disorder


      the_Danarchist said:

      WTF? You cant drink at 21?

      Heh. What I meant is that I was looking forward to start drinking this evening.

    4. Xaser
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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      More pritty art for Disorder's Blog!

    3. Sharessa


      AirRaid said:

      "You! What do you own the world?
      How do you own disorder? Disorder!"


      Whenever I see his name, that song pops into my head.

    4. Draconio


      Disorder said:


      One of the Emperor's bodyguards from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, performing fellatio on a large Quake-esque demonic character who has someone trapped in its ribcage.