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  1. Since Mordeth put a lock on the drugs thread I decided to post about my experience with Mexican mushrooms here. Two days ago I took some shrooms together with two classmates. We took them during the evening so the visual effects would be more powerful. It was.. amazing. I don't feel like writing a long trip report, but to give you an idea of what I saw and experienced:

    Fun things:
    - Colorful rotating patterns on the walls
    - Closed eye visuals (usually patterns)
    - A plastic bag on the table turned into cute little fox
    - Philosophical ramblings
    - Finishing sentences was very difficult, which resulted in laughing
    - Intense colors, colors seemed to blend
    - Written letters turned into a 'soup' of colors
    - Typical 70's like patterns appeared on walls
    - Food appeared to decay rapidly
    - It feels like you're a spectator in your own body, the body no longer feels yours
    - Eating has never felt so great
    - Drinking felt like having fluids flowing through your body
    - Proportions were distorted (arms seemed longer, shorter or twisted)
    - Bulges appeared in walls
    - Music was fantastic
    - Objects appeared to blend with your own body, sometimes a little scary
    - Sounds coming from the left or right seemed to be right in front of you

    Scary things:
    - I looked at my left arm and it started rotting
    - I sometimes felt like I was about to lose control over the visual effects of the drug

    An unbelievable experience. Looking forward to the next one! Setting, music and the right people around you are very important though. Mushrooms certainly aren't toys :)

    1. Fredrik


      Disorder said:

      - Closed eye visuals (usually patterns)

      Don't most people get this all the time? (Or at least when trying?)

    2. Disorder


      Fredrik said:

      Don't most people get this all the time? (Or at least when trying?)

      Yes, they do. Except they look somewhat like this on mushrooms. They look very vivid and they're very colorful. Far stronger than the usual patterns. And they rotate, move about. Very nice.

      -edit- Copy paste the image. Otherwise linky no worky.