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  1. Danarchy said:

    Yeah, mushrooms are my favorite food.

    Have a good trip.

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    2. toxicfluff


      Numbermind said:

      Obviously, he learned that some wild mushrooms get you high, whilst others get you dead.

      Moreso, which.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Scabbed Angel said:

      : ) I didn't realize when I first joined that you were only a few months b4 me. I thought you were an adim or something! LOL. : )

      I used to think the same thing about everyone when I first joined. It's better to assume everyone's an authority, unitl you map out who's who :D

    4. nxn


      I didn't even mean necessarily acid, although I did do it a few times, I was talking about that heroin phase I had a few months ago that's dropped dead now. Thank God.

      And yeah, actually a lot of times shrooms are stronger than acid, at least around here since acid tends to be handled with, exposed to too much heat/light, whatever. So generally shrooms are the preference, but they're honestly hard to get. Spring is coming around so maybe they'll roll about here once or twice before winter comes.

      Someone asked about DXM, and no it's not DMT, DXM is one of the main active ingredients in cough suppressants these days, it's a disasociative. At dosages of 300-400 mg you start to have the mental trip although no visuals, once you climb the latter you're said to have them but I never got that far really. I managed to get some closed eye visuals, but that's all. It is a pretty serious high though, I have marks in my walls from my toe nails proving it. I put them there when I was trying to get into bed, but was too afraid to stand up. Which actually lead to a few horrible horrible fucking nightmares of standing up, losing my balance and falling to the ground as if I was a tree, completely cracking my skull open.

      I guess I should say that it wasn't the bad trips that fucked my head up despite what it seems, I think it's the actual chemical. It's hard to explain, and honestly I can't even be sure it was the dxm that caused it since I do so much shit I shouldn't. For all I know it could be this radioactive dump I live in or just something in my life that always makes me feel like shit and unable to think.

      I seem to be getting into the right path again though, I successfully managed to deny 5-meo-DMT in a one hour long argument with my friend trying to get me to do it. Honestly I'm just scared of what the fuck my brain is going to be reduced to by the time I go to college, and I plan to go to the University of the Arts so I'll most likely be tripping over drugs while walking in the hallways.

      My opinion on drugs was always that they should be legalized and that if a person would be interested in using them he or she would look up information on them to get an understanding of what the consequences might be. And if the person failed to do that, then he or she would deserve the outcomes caused by them. Sounds all great and all, but I did have a firm understanding of everything I did and I still regret doing a lot of it. On the other hand there were things like the Molly pills I took that lead to the single best experiance of my life up to now, and quite possibly until my death.

      I guess I'm falling off; I should pass the drug crown over to someone else.


      EDIT: sorry about not quoting the stuff I was replying to, but I'm just too worn out today.