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Everything posted by Disorder

  1. Disorder

    heh wtf Doomworld oddity

  2. Disorder

    I need to find Doomsday 1.5

    Does anyone have Doomsday 1.5? The new one isn't helping me and my friend out. He has a NAT connection, doesn't seem to be supported by the latest version of Doomsday. (thijs.pronk@gmail.com if you have it).
  3. Disorder

    Hitler or Stalin? Who would you choose?

    Fact or no fact. I'm blonde. I'll go with Hitler.
  4. I tried connecting to my friend's server last night. We both use Doomsday (latest version). Somehow, he can't get on my server when I start one. The other way round works, but I don't see any demons move (coop), also I drop trhough the floor. Everything seems to freeze, but we can read eachother's messages. What the hell's going on?
  5. Disorder

    What is going on? (connection problems)

    I copied his wad (plutonia). So we definitely have the same one. It's just not working.
  6. Disorder

    What is going on? (connection problems)

    Anyone at all?
  7. Disorder

    What is going on? (connection problems)

    By the way, when I start the server, everything moves (demons, I can shoot things). I just don't get it.
  8. Disorder

    Doom Movie Progression

    Planet what?
  9. Disorder

    Rate Your Temper

    I never unleash my anger until I can't take it anymore. Bad habit. I rated a 7.
  10. Disorder

    The best car advertisement EVAR

    This one is pretty fucking cool too.
  11. Looks cool. Reminds me of that Ghostbusters car, a little bit.
  12. Disorder

    Dem HOEs Is Done

    Sucks. I expected at least one decent hell on earth mod. I didn't expect the interest in doom 3's modding community to burn away that quickly.
  13. Disorder

    The best car advertisement EVAR

    Awesome, I approve both commercials.
  14. Disorder

    the new bomb

    I would be scared, instead of excited, if this would concern antimatter bombs.
  15. Disorder

    the new bomb

    I just had a vision of Iraqi insurgents dancing to YMCA.
  16. Disorder

    Huygens probe lands on Titan, sends back images

    I'm too lazy to read the entire thread, so maybe this has been posted before, but isn't the Huygens's mission to dive into one of those oceans and find out what's below?
  17. Disorder

    Did you donate to the cause?

    Donated 20 Euros.
  18. Disorder

    Teh good and bad of 2004

    Same here.
  19. Disorder

    New Years Resolutions

    Me too, but I'm thinking of fixing that problem later this year. Also, I'm hoping to wrap things up on my demo to send it to some labels.
  20. Disorder

    When I receive the radio message for help from someone.....

    The radio messages at the beginning of the Demon outbreak were fantastic. One of the things I really like about Doom 3. Makes you feel like you're in a warzone.
  21. Disorder

    Irony, thy name is Martha

    If Martha gets raped, she'll get raped in style.