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    Warming Up


    Well, get this. I don't believe there even IS a Hell. I think that if God is a kind and loving being, he wouldn't Damn people into an eternity of pain and suffering forever because of there Earthly mistakes. Well, I'm still undicided about this whole "Hell" thing, so there might be one anyway. I would maybe agree with the whole "Twilight Zone" idea, where hell is a golden mansion where you NEVER lose at anything, and you never have any difficulty or uninterest. It would be so boring and repetitive, it would eventually become a nightmarish insanity. I believe that in Heaven, you still have some difficulty at things, just no pain or suffering. Hell doesn't have to look like a perpetual Hell. I suppose were not really supposed to know untill were there.

    To Zaldron / Other tech-guys...

    THAT I need to see. So ID officialy is releasing DOOM 3? Awsome! But one of my friends says that in PC Gamer they wrote that D3 would be a Mac only game. Is this true? Or is he a Dumb Shit like Disorder? P.S. I don't have anything against you, Disorder, I'm just reading your label.

    A pointless, but unmentioned thought...

    What would REALLY be interesting is if they began Doom 3 with Doomguy getting killed. Then what would happen? A new unique storyline is what I'm looking for. Not some shit like: "THE DEMONS COME BACK. KILL THEM NOW OR BAD THINGS HAPPEN".

    Doom 3 Bathroom Scene Screenshot

    I think it was probably the most fucked up Demon I've ever seen. It looked more like a white blob with teeth. They best make Doom 3 better than that. Or I might walk into John Romero's office one day and go postal.

    I'm Back!

    Hmmm....What was the wad's name? It sounds interesting. Also, I had a thought a few months ago that maybe the final boss should be in a room with SIX Icon Of Sins, but I immediatly dismissed the idea, because it would probably be too difficult even for experts. I mean, after a few minuts you'd be up to your ARMPITS in demons.

    I'm Back!

    That's right, I'm no newbie. Some of you long long LONG term veterans may remember Clone999? But I'm not going to waste my post on introductions. I have a question for you guys. Do you think they will bring back the Icon Of Sin in Doom 3?