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  1. On topic: One more reason not to join the military... Off topic (but still a flamewar ;) This is to Darkstalker: I had my settings configured to where my searches resulted in only Cable and above speeds, so that couldn't have been a factor. Ling with no ding:'re right, I am a moron....which is why I'm still pulling a 4.0 despite some recent math grades...damn, I guess I have future ahead of me.....[sarcasm]I'll just go over in my corner and cry now, waiting for mommy to come tell you off[/sarcasm] Sorry for this, but as you know, PH can't be replyed in...just thought I'd offer my 0.5 cents worth....
  2. Ummmmm, my last post...I edited that, you don't see the "last edited by Crendowing..." there, do you?
  3. You forgot, Ling...can't you tell by the way he posts that he's a retard? ;)
  4. Not when I saw it...I only saw "c", as you can see by the quote I made...he must have edited it.
  5. ...and probably dying of prostate cancer or some other gereatric disease.
  6. I wasn't referring to the game, moron (shoot me for being one as well ;)
  7. What is the world coming to?
  8. That one was hard to follow.../me shakes his head with his eyes closed
  9. So it's....lassmaster? :P
  10. Nice going, VB Code Messiah :P
  11. You're on the same level as I ;)
  12. ...x2 Kevin Smith, though a little corny, makes funny as Hell movies.
  13. Not another thread like this.... Anyway, I said how I got my name a long time ago, but I'll give you the brief version: The "Crendo" came from a line in Star Trek IV, and the "wing" came from the fact that I like planes and such (hell, both my parents were in the Air Force :)
  14. OMG! As much as I might regret it, I have to hear that one for myself =)