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  1. Crendowing

    Stupid stupid American forces

    On topic: One more reason not to join the military... Off topic (but still a flamewar ;) This is to Darkstalker: I had my settings configured to where my searches resulted in only Cable and above speeds, so that couldn't have been a factor. Ling with no ding: Yeah.....you're right, I am a moron....which is why I'm still pulling a 4.0 despite some recent math grades...damn, I guess I have future ahead of me.....[sarcasm]I'll just go over in my corner and cry now, waiting for mommy to come tell you off[/sarcasm] Sorry for this, but as you know, PH can't be replyed in...just thought I'd offer my 0.5 cents worth....
  2. Crendowing

    were did u get that name?

    Ummmmm, my last post...I edited that, you don't see the "last edited by Crendowing..." there, do you?
  3. Crendowing

    were did u get that name?

    You forgot, Ling...can't you tell by the way he posts that he's a retard? ;)
  4. Crendowing

    were did u get that name?

    Not when I saw it...I only saw "c", as you can see by the quote I made...he must have edited it.
  5. Crendowing

    what would you do

    ...and probably dying of prostate cancer or some other gereatric disease.
  6. Crendowing

    Is it worth buying?

    I wasn't referring to the game, moron (shoot me for being one as well ;)
  7. Crendowing

    Cover up

    What is the world coming to?
  8. Crendowing

    I got the flu, or something similar

    That one was hard to follow.../me shakes his head with his eyes closed
  9. Crendowing

    were did u get that name?

    So it's....lassmaster? :P
  10. Crendowing

    were did u get that name?

    Nice going, VB Code Messiah :P
  11. Crendowing

    Alternative idea...

    You're on the same level as I ;)
  12. Crendowing

    From the Onion. For Esco :-)

    ...x2 Kevin Smith, though a little corny, makes funny as Hell movies.
  13. Crendowing

    were did u get that name?

    Not another thread like this.... Anyway, I said how I got my name a long time ago, but I'll give you the brief version: The "Crendo" came from a line in Star Trek IV, and the "wing" came from the fact that I like planes and such (hell, both my parents were in the Air Force :)
  14. Crendowing

    Cover up

    OMG! As much as I might regret it, I have to hear that one for myself =)