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  1. PuPz

    DooM GBA FANS!

    I can't wait to play Doom on the GBA SP.
  2. PuPz

    Contest Time!

    Who designed that page for the contest? It looks a lot better than the current design. Would be a shame to let it go to waste.
  3. PuPz


    Er... Too bad, that is.
  4. PuPz


    Tbad this was my potd last month, although not as good of a scan. Copycats. :P
  5. PuPz

    ZDoom 1.23B28

    The BFG wall effect is pretty neat. The plasma rifle wall effect could use a little work (imo). Looks a tad cheesy. It would also be nice if the chainsaw made one continuous line rather than bullet holes. I also suffer from some slowdown when I get near a wall distortion from the BFG or RL, but the computer I'm using is shit (*cough*200mhz*cough*) and I'm sure it's at fault, so no big deal. Nice work, Randy.
  6. PuPz

    >>>>>>>email me!<<<<<<<<<

    It would make more sense if anyone could add a monster to their room. A limit on how many and what type perhaps?
  7. PuPz

    Dwango 9

    <yawn>.. 667? That all?
  8. PuPz

    Dwango 9

    I think your files are goofed. Mine are different.
  9. PuPz

    Dwango 9

    Why would 10-12 exist, but not 9? That must be irrelevant. And I know they weren't official. They were made by Dwango players. But I'm still looking for it.
  10. PuPz

    Dwango 9

    Obviously not everything. I suggest you think and observe before you run your mouth.
  11. PuPz

    Dwango 9

    I have Dwango 1-8 & 10-12, so 9 has to exist. And dwango.com is no longer the same people that made the series. By the way, is it possible to get/submit my own icon? ;)
  12. PuPz

    Dwango 9

    Does anyone have or know where to get Dwango 9?
  13. PuPz

    DeePsea 11.2 Released

    TheRequiem/MTM - Birds of a feather? ;) deep - Move on with your life already. Your debate over whatever has no purpose. The Doom community is like one big gang. If you say something stupid or offend someone, everyone will be on your back. It's not so much a flamewar, we just don't take shit from &lt;insert clever insult here&gt; like you. If you want to keep saying how immature we are and how everyone is a liar, go for it. But no one really gives a fuck about you or your DeePshit software. I don't know about everyone else, but I'd never buy something from an asshole. At least that's how you're presenting yourself. Keep in mind that you threw the first punch and you're the one that keeps carrying this out. It won't end until you STFU, but for some reason I think you're incapable.
  14. PuPz

    DeePsea 11.2 Released

    You sure talk about maturity a lot, and yet I see nothing mature about you at all other than your grammar skills. You must be what, thirty-something? I laugh at that. If you're so mature, why not just drop this whole argument and walk away like a man? It's obvious that the majority here doesn't like you. Ever give much thought as to why? Perhaps it's the way you put your point(s) across. Personally, your lengthly posts are getting tiresome. And I think most people would agree with me.
  15. PuPz

    Shoot Your Game Boy Advance

    "The first game that got this attention was Mortal Kombat 2, which was released on the SNES in all of it's horrible glory... because the censored prequel sold so badly they didn't want to lose all the Midway fans to the Genesis." That was only partially the reason. The ESRB rating system was born somewhere around that time, so they were able to release it with the gore intact without being hounded. "HOWEVER, if I remember correctly, the USA Nintendo version of MK2 was the ONLY ONE to get the violence. I saw an article in a EGM way back then that showed Johnny Cage on the bottom of the pit with a huge green blood pool around him." The Japanese version had green blood, the European version had red blood. "Our country has the most violent culture" Irrelevant. :)