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  1. help420me

    DOOM 3 at E3

    I just happen to have a personal invite to the upcoming E3 show. Perhaps with a little incentive, other than rubbing fingers with dorky nerd guys, maybe I'll actually go! And if I do decide to go, I'd have to get one of those tiny cameras like in the yahoo pop-up ads. Of course, i would report any interesting findings to the Doomworld Forums. Advertisement How much good can so much evil contain? Doomworld, Bringing out the best of DooM.
  2. help420me

    Dunno if this has been brought up before, but...

    Maybe all your ammo is covererd with the blood of jesus?
  3. help420me


    In the original Doom story, the UAC is performing experiments on some teleporters that were excavated on the moons of mars. After sending stuff through, cargo comes back okay...but when humans are tried, they come back all zombied and freaked out. A team is designated to go check things out. The team lands on the either Phobos or Deimos, cant remember which...and on the way you decide to be an insubordinate who gets his weapons taken away because of your CO being a dick, while the rest of the squad goes to investigate whats happening on the moons of Mars. You hear screems over the radio and hear your buddies getting tore up by things that they cant describe and even things they cant see (spectors). After the screems die down, you figure they're all dead and go to investigate yourself, armed with nothing more than that lousy pistol... and then the game starts... While this is all fine and good, I believe most military squads dont go in single handedly. That's why there should be NPC's goin with you. Im aware of id's AI, that's why they should all get killed in the first engagement (a la MOH:AA). From here you can pick up their half empty shotguns and maybe a plasma rifle or two, with limited ammo of course, to engage the enemies to come. I liked starting out with a pistol, but you pick up a shotty in the first fifteen seconds of E1M1. Keep in mind that all this will be beautifully rendered, so I don't think I'll mind NPC's at all, only in the first engagement of course. But it would be cool to run acroos some dude halfway through like E1 who made it that far (ever wonder why there are bodies throughout the levels??) who could give you some recon and/or perhaps an objective...like cutting a power source or telling you where an ammo dump is. Of course, soon after you leave him, you hear a scream and turn around to see him getting chomped on by some baddies. Much can be done about the story, maybe a complete revamping. Maybe it's in the future of OG DooM and you're a completly different DooMGuy. In that case, id would have much creative justification for any changes they would like to make. The game being beautiful is reason enough for me. Just gimme a shotgun and send me in...
  4. help420me

    Diagonal Bunny hopping

    If you want a realistic game...try co-ed naked football. Leave he realism to real-life, othewrwise program actual(from real-life) physics(movement) algorithms, based on a healthy 20 yr-old male, into your source. Most would find these games waaaay to slow for fast paced action games like Q3 and the like. As comented on CS prev., the more realistic games get, the less fun they are to play...til some SOB gets a hair up his butt and makes cheating progs, as in CS. All this accomplishes is making games less fun for newbies, who have experience playing 1st person 3d shoooters but are getting used to new physics... Slightly off topic Lately, Ive heard rumors of Aimbots for RTCW. Ive been accused of using them. But, even with my 150-300 or more ping, Im just an experienced (hard-core) gamer.
  5. help420me


    no....its' because he's a talking nut-sack...at least his av is as far as I know :D Ithnkk i quoted the wrong guy...should be the one below that...
  6. help420me


    Ive played through one of many 3d-fps recently, Medal of Honor:Allied Assault. This game is very "Saving Ryan's Privates"-ish. You start the game in the back of a truck with all your buddies about to overtake a Nazi installation. You all jump out of the truck and rush a nazi building, but it turns out to be an ambush. No matter how many nazis you kill, more keep coming until either 1)You're dead or 2)all your buddies are. If you die, you have to start over of course...and if you live all your buddies are dead n e wayz. D3 could start with an intro movie of the experiments that were performed with the teleporters(remember DooM the 1st?), then cut to the monsters that returned(your buddies) and show your teams assignment to infiltrate The Moons of Mars, this would accomplish the movie intro while still setting up a little NPC action without adding any spoilers to what you're gonna be up against and tell a little about what you have to do for the rest of the game. If D3 started with you and your team geared up and jumping outta your starcraft into a fierce firefight where all your buddies get tore up(a la MOH:AA), then you could still start alone with no weapons(ammo was used up in the initial firefight), all npc's dead ('cuz they're crappy npc's ;) ), and you still have to continue with the mission at hand... Please dont be jealous of my ingenuity, I have a lot of spare time on my hands this tri...
  7. help420me

    Diagonal Bunny hopping

    Ive recently started playing counter-strike, and I have found, among other things, tht cheating consists of much more than jumping around wildly. Besides using aimbots, and other crap like that, the people who use these abnormalities to induce killing and raise standinds, are in moral standing not higher than our old nemesis Osama-bin-Laden. These people cant figure out anything better to do than set up a prog. that will hunt down, shoot, AND kill their opponent. The only satisfaction I get while playing with these cheaters, is blowing the crap outta them, and they themselves acuse me of cheating. When I first started playing RTCW, all i saw were people jumping around and shooting. i just learned to shoot a moving target, which actually made me a much tougher opponent and better player. After playing cs, I realized where those "jumpers" in RTCW came from. Though aimbots are an actual modification to the way the prog reads scripts, killing a cheater only makes you tougher. I say "let them jump..." my BFg will take care of the rest... >:/
  8. help420me

    When it's done! ;-)

    that would make it "REAL, REAL, REAL, REAL, REAL GOOD" a footnote:should be "REALLY", sorry I just got out of my Eng class.
  9. help420me

    so taboo

    then: you're phuct lüt's 2¢: s/he would be first!! and don't forget to pass the gnocci...
  10. help420me

    so taboo

    Hows this: Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out and if your atheist or agnostic; you're phuct
  11. help420me

    so taboo

    We can defend our homes with boiling oil if we wnt to, but people are tking guns to schoo', foo'! Instead of fighting with guns, in the UK they mug people with toothbrushes: "Give me all your goods..." "Oh, God, pleeeease don't brush my teeth...I'll do anything..." "SHADD-UP, or I'll use the mouthwash on yooz, too"
  12. help420me

    so taboo

    man, that stuff happens everyday; you just don't hear about it. Everyday, like a million kids take guns to school and everyday at least ten people get shot by those guns. To think that Columbine is special or exempt from reproach would be a gross misunderstanding of the state of the country: we are at war, not only with terrorism, but also with ourselves!!!
  13. help420me

    so taboo

    put 'em together and ya got a new id game, but you get the secret service knockin' at your door too :(
  14. help420me

    Is it just me, or....

    static-x ? >:M
  15. help420me

    Down and out (death to dial-up)

    does anyone have lüt's home address? Would someone send him a trial disk of somesort[obviously because he can't download it]? and what kind of a pic is a little red x in a white box anyways...sheesh- some people :P