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  1. DoomedAce

    Am I the only one who loved Final Doom?

    I never thought of it as being part of the classic DooMs. Though some of Plutonia's maps are still better than most of the maps from DooM II.
  2. DoomedAce

    Favorite Weapon

    Explosive barrels, definitely. And crushing ceilings.
  3. DoomedAce

    i wanna know [illusio Pit]

    It wasn't the maps themselves. It was the commercial release of the megawad that rubbed many DooMers up the wrong way.
  4. DoomedAce

    i wanna know [illusio Pit]

    That would be, "infamous wad". It's not the wad in itself alone, though. It's also the story that comes with it. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=9955 Play it and be enlightened EDIT: ^^Heh, lots of people willing to put effort in promoting "eccentric" wads, I see.
  5. DoomedAce

    worst ideas ever

    I suppose one could build a big room (a square, for example) stuffed with megaspheres, have the room surrounded by archies and give the room the "die=exit" sector type. Cyberdemons could work too, though in that case it would be possible to be splattered too early by one of their rockets. Which wouldn't be that much "fun"
  6. DoomedAce


    Same here. I particularly look at shadows/lightfall or multi-floor constructions.
  7. DoomedAce

    Classic Ultimate DOOM and DOOM 2 on XBOX BUGS

    *googles* Pom popom *copy/paste* Doom Ultimate and Doom 2: Cheat mode Platform: Xbox Enter one of the following codes during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Repeat the code to disable its effect. Toggle God And Degreelessness Mode (iddqd) Hold L and press A(4). All Weapons, Health, Keys, And Armor (idkfa) Hold L and press B(4). Temporary Invincibility (idbeholdv) Hold L and press X(4). Full Map (idbeholda) Hold L and press Y(4). Berserk Mode (idbeholds) Hold L and press X(3), Y. End Level (???) Hold L and press A(2), B(2). Chainsaw (idchoppers) Hold L and press B(2), A(2). Invisibility (idbeholdi) Hold L and press X(2), Y(2) Light Amplification Goggles (idbeholdl) Hold L and press Y(3), X. Radiation Suit (idbeholdr) Hold L and press X, Y(3).
  8. DoomedAce

    Classic Ultimate DOOM and DOOM 2 on XBOX BUGS

    Yeah, what's this about special Xbox levels? I didn't find any.
  9. DoomedAce

    Idea: New Gameplay?

    This would be great in a map where you travel back- and forward between a medieval castle or ancient temple in the past and it's ruins in the present. TNT Evilution had this "alternative reality"-effect, too. "Wormhole" I think the map was called, though I'm not sure which map it was.
  10. DoomedAce

    Our new poop. Benedict XVI

    Well yeah, it's just because the previous pope ruled for so long that they adopted this new procedure.
  11. DoomedAce

    Our new poop. Benedict XVI

    The way I understood it is that the Vatican doesn't want a single pope to rule for too long (John Paul II's rule lasted for 26 years). That's why they chose an old guy like Ratzinger for pope.
  12. DoomedAce

    worst ideas ever

    At least that version has an exit.
  13. DoomedAce

    New Sreen shots

    This just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work.
  14. Heh. Reminds me of that random DooM map-scenario creator. Anyway, that map certainly looks better than half of the maps ever released. Good work.
  15. DoomedAce

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    E1M5, THE DooM theme for me.