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  1. I liked it. It was pretty entertaining. I read the graphic novel it was based off of before watching it. I know there were some stuff that had changed from the graphic novel but those changes didn't really bother me too much.
  2. For most weapon mods, I'd say having two weapons per slot (7 slots total) is a decent size, maybe consider that the max number of weapons. Not completely ideal, I suppose, but I guess what would help out with having way too many guns is only being able to carry, let's say, 2 primary guns and 1 secondary weapon, and then being able to pick up/drop any guns that are on the ground and replace whichever weapon you are currently holding.
  3. I watched Kingsman: Golden Circle at a matinee screening today. It's not bad. I can get why some people wouldn't like it. Some things I didn't like about the movie: Other than that, the movie was pretty enjoyable.
  4. Woah, that looks really nice! Looks like it came right out of Quake. Is this in GZdoom?
  5. Ok, here's my little Doom collection. The Funko mini Revenant and Doomguy figures I bought at different times, that's why they weren't together in the first picture. I kinda wish I bought that one classic Doomguy figure from Symbiote Studios. Unfortunately, they no longer sell them.
  6. Are we allowed to post pics of Doom merchandise or is it strictly screenshots of levels and mods?
  7. Nerdist and Half Hour Happy Hour.
  8. Whenever I save in a megawad, especially if it's a megawad that has fairly realistic level design, I always have to save in a room with a health kit in it. The room also has to have a bed or at least a chair in it, and I always have to be pointing my gun at the entrance to the room, juuuuust in case some sneaky imp gets the jump on me when I least suspect it.
  9. I also saw It last weekend. I enjoyed it. It was amusing, hilarious and scary. Two things:
  10. Walking Dead Season 1, Left 4 Dead 2 and Life is Strange:Before the Storm.
  11. Aside from re-watching Parks and Recreation, Freaks and Geeks and The Office, I've been watching the newest season of Bojack Horseman.
  12. I collect vinyl toys (primarily from Kidrobot) and Gundam model kits.
  13. I used to miss it, but I've gotten quite used to it now. At least the general color scheme is the same.
  14. Don't forget that Vuvuzela mod that was released a long time ago. People went crazy for that. I think the original video had over a million views (or maybe it was somewhere around 100,000 views?) but for some reason the original video owner deleted it.
  15. This is awesome news. I've been wanting to replay this game for a really long time.