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  1. Godamn them. Bunch of whiney pussy skaters. I swear, they all sound the fucking same! They don't sing, they whine about society and other bullshit. And if they're not bad enough, the fans are even worse. ....Ugh, they're all a bunch of freaks... Well, just 99% of them. I'm sure the 1% is somewhat normal or uh something. Whatever, I just had to release some anger towards them. :/

    Sometimes, I'm just REALLY glad I'm not a music fan... (er, aside from video game music, which is all I really listen to)

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    2. fraggle
    3. Lizardcommando


      NiGHTMARE said:

      Are you talking about punk (Sex Pistols) or punk rock (Good Charlotte, Sum 41, etc)? They're actually very different things.

      oh oops, I should have been more specific. Then in that case, I'm talking about punk rock.

    4. Epyo


      punk ownz

      AFI does anyway. I'm not much of a sum 41 fan though.