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  1. My parents are making a big fucking deal about me getting a job over the summer. What a load of bullshit! And there's no place good that I can to get work! ...Well, there were, but everyone else got to them already. Damn, I wish my parents aren't such a fucking big goddamn deal about it, it's fucking ANNOYING!!!!!!! And then there's my sister... Geez, also making a big fucking damn deal about it! I'M NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING A JOB YET, THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!!!! Ok... maybe if there was an EB store or something in town, then yeah, maybe I'll think about it, but there aren't any gaming shops anywhere so forget about it!!! Stupid dumb bastards forcing me to do stupid shit... Ah fuck it, it's probably for my own fucking good...

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    2. GooberMan


      I worked in a butcher shop for 4 years as a cleaner and cashier. Now I'm making computer games for a living (link in my sig if you have to know what ones I'm working on). Job = money = able to go get pissed with your friends on the weekends (or if you're that way inclined, getting a better computer for Doom 3), so take what you can get and have fun during your off time and stuff.

    3. BlueSonnet


      While we're on the topic of parents, i have a announcement. They're stupid.

    4. Grazza


      timmie said:

      Everybody started with the shit jobs they didn't want to do

      I didn't. :p

      After university I avoided getting a proper job for four years until one came up that I wanted.