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  1. Yeah... I have to take summer school so I can pass the fucking California High School Exit Exam. I'm only gonna be a fucking junior next year. Goddamnit, I was only two points away from passing it too! Why couldn't they just let me pass?!?!? Whoever thought up that retarded ass idea should be shot to death and fed to blood thirsty kittens!!!

    Aaaanyways, back with summer school, I have to take a class that'll prepare me for it, but for some odd reason, I got transfered into Health and Driver's Ed, so I guess that's a plus, but it's fucking everything up! My parents are getting all bitchy and shit about me not being prepared for it, and now I'm in a really shitty and retarded situation... Fucking dumbshit pansy fag that thought up exit exams, he or she or it should die the most horible way possible!!!!

    1. Lizardcommando


      Yes, I know they're not hard, it's just I was so goddamned close to passing the fucking thing! They cover stuff from 7th grade or something all the way to 10th grade math and english stuff. The english portion of the test i passed with ease, it's just the math portion that screwed me over!!! Besides, I took the stupid thing in around feburary to march and my teacher didn't cover the necessary things that were going to be covered in that test!

      oooh and.... who the hell are you?

    2. Lizardcommando


      halflifeisbetter said:

      yes, i know how hard it can be to remember 7th grade math...



      i feel you man

      Oh come on, I'm not THAT stupid!!! :/

      That shit I passed, it was mostly the geometry shit that fucked me up!