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  1. I'm just curious, but:

    Would a cel-shaded Doom3 mod be possible to make?

    Does music really change people's emotions?

    Which is better, vanilla coke or pepsi blue?

    Is Doom 3 underhyped now or is it still being overhyped?

    Which is funner, good ol' fashioned LAN game of Doom, or a good ol' fashioned LAN game of Quake?

    Have fun answering them or something...

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    2. Lizardcommando


      auxois said:

      Are you dense? Or a machine? Perhaps extraterrestrial?

      No, I just wanted your opinion. Although I really haven't been effected by music, I know a couple of people affected by it. I have a friend who, before listening to michelle branch, was usually happy and... happy, and stuff. Now that he's a michelle branch fan, it seems as though he's totally depressed. Not just "gee I lost my pet hamster, boohoo" depressed... I mean.... REALLY depressed! Oh and he's developed an attitude too, but maybe that's because of those dumbshits Simple Plan or Good Charlote or some other retard group.... But to get back on my topic, here are my opinions:

      1.Yes. I think it would be possible to have a cel-shaded Doom3 mod.
      2.Duh! Read the top part!
      3.IMO, vanilla coke.
      4.Ever since Halflife 2 and Halo 2 released a ton of screenshots and trailers, I think Doom3 is underhyped.
      5.I honestly haven't tried either in a LAN game before... But I've played Doom DM online a few times and they were fun, so I guess it's Doom DM.

      Oh and Scuba Steve, what did ya mean by "uh oh"?

    3. auxois


      More fun. Not "funner".

    4. Lizardcommando


      auxois said:

      More fun. Not "funner".

      Oooh... I see. Thank you very much for the grammar lesson Mr. Auxois and Mr. Steve. :p