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  1. yeah, so ICD-Lizard's Zip was corrupt. That really sucks. I thought Lizard's World's zip was corrupt, so I uploaded that. But it turns out that it wasn't, so that pisses me off. Geocities is being shitty again, and uploading a 603KB file (that's how big Lizard's World is) seems to make Geocities go stupid. It would bring up that dumbass "CANNOT FIND SERVER" error. Same thing with uploading ICD-Lizard. Dammit I'm pissed!

    On a lighter note, I finally managed to play GLEDGE with my mod and it looks fucking cool! I swear, GLEDGE made it look like I was playing a cel-shaded shooter! Seriously, I didn't think it would look so damn nice in GLEDGE! I was playing it at school, so I had a couple people staring at my monitor. I dunno what they were thinking... Maybe it was "Dude, that guy's playing Doom?!?" or "Dude, what game is he playing?" Or maybe even "Doom suxs! LOLOLZ!!!" Whatever it was, I didn't give a fuck because GLEDGE kicks ass. ...Ok, JDoom does in terms of the "prettiness" factor, but hey, it still impressed me when GLEDGE made ICD-Lizard look totally cel-shaded-ish.