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  1. Due to a somewhat large trickle of people who want Pokestein revived (seriously, I'm not joking), I've decided to put Green Patrol, the EDGE mod that parodies Half-Life's Blue Shift, on temporary hiatus and I've decided to continue Pokestein. This time I'm going to go with my original plan. I'm gonna go back to the origin, I'm going to make it for the Wolf3D engine (Hooray for downgrading)! I already have the majority of the things planned out (enemies, weapons, maybe levels...) but yeah, there's gonna a be a bunch of stuff changed. No planned release date yet...

    Oh and speaking of wolfenstein 3d, was there ever a source port for that game? Just curious.

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    2. Lizardcommando


      Ct_red_pants said:

      thanks for the web adress, I'll check it out later.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Wait, you stopped working on a parody of Blue shift to persue a Pokemon mod?

    4. Lizardcommando


      I'll get back to Green Patrol eventually. Trust me. I was playing with Quake 2 for about a few months then I got back to Doom. Look what happened with my two other mods. I finished them eventually.

      So to make things short, let's just say that it's a short break from Doom editing. Besides, I kinda lost my inspiration for that EDGE mod... Don't worry, it's not even likely I'll finish the Wolf3D mod anyways. I'm only doing this so I can gain back some of my creative juice I lost during the time I was making ICD-Lizard.

      Oh, in case you were wondering, Pokestein actually has a more complex story. I just never finished getting around the kinks, bugs, and plotholes.

      Here's the original synopsis:

      Basically, the hero, Lizardcommando, has to single-handedly stop a mad dictator and his second-in-command from launching a major assault on his home country. (this pretty much rips off of Wolf3D's second episode... :/) You need to eliminate a mad scientist who is creating genetically enhanced pika-soldiers. On top of that, you need to disable a missle silo before it launches a nuke into Reptillia, one of Lizard City's neighboring states.

      That's all I can remember.