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  1. Yay, it's time for my status report.

    I haven't done any doom editing stuff in a while :(. I did play Ultimate Doom using the original DOS .exe on Wednesday and damn that was nostalgic :D. I was playing on UV, but I got up to E1M4. Damnit, that sucks. So anyways, my status report...

    I mentioned this in another blog, but due to a somewhat large trickle of people who want Pokestein revived, I decided I keep continuing it. However, rather than making it for Doom, I decided that I should make for Wolf3D, which I originally intended. I'm using FloEdit for this project.

    I finished changing the Hans Grosse sprites, Schabbs sprites, and Hitler/Hitler Mech sprites. I changed the Brown Guard to the Beta Pikachu, but it's in the process of being changed into the new Pikaguard. The SS Soldier is also in the process of being changed too. I haven't gone around changing the Officer, the Dog, or the Mutant yet.

    I changed the almost all the wall sprites, I just need to change 3 or 4 more. I changed the guns sprites. The pistol is pretty much like the one you see in ICD-Lizard or Lizardwar. The machinegun is changed to a gun which is pretty much a mix between an AK47 and a MP44. The Chaingun is now an M60, and the sound is changed too. HUD graphics changed, and I also edited the Readme stuff.

    I managed to make 2 semi-decent Wolf3D maps. I'll eventually get around changing at least one episode...

    I'm only having one problem with this project though. I changed the Hitler/Hitler Mech sprites today, but when I tried to test it out, the game crashes and I'm back in Windows. It says that the program caused some sort of illegal error.... I'm using Windows 98, BTW.

    I'd write more right now, but I gotta go.

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      lupinx_resurrected said:

      i have to meke my thing under my name stop saying dumb stuff by posting

      You can keep doing that; just make sure it's in this forum only.

    3. Lizardcommando


      Uuuuh.... What the hell just happened?

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      it happens to every thread. starts with a subject in the beginning. ends with a totally different topic