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  1. Right now, I'm in school and it's Rally day. I hate those annoying ass rallies, so I decide to hang out in the computer room. Sounds like a good idea, right? Sorta... The only reason it sucks is because during Rally days, all the morons are hanging out in the computer room... Good god I wish I were outta here. Sigh, I've got three hours to go before I leave school. I would be working on my Flash movie, but some moron is using my computer. Damn, this sucks.

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    2. Lizardcommando


      What the hell's a red X supposed to mean?

      EDIT: I copied the picture link onto the adress bar. Hehe, hilarious picture.

    3. Lizardcommando


      Danarchy said:

      Oooh...you mean like Sprit Day or Prep Day or whatever the fuck they called it. I was always too busy trying to learn to pay attention to that crap.

      At first I was thinking there was some kind of generic protest day your shcool had for some reason...

      You know, you just made me remember the failed peace protest at my school. It was last year and some seniors wanted to do a peace protest for the War in Iraq, so they set it up 5 minutes after lunch and a lot of people gathered to where the protest was suposed to be held at. The people in charge of it told everyone to leave school and follow them. Instead of everyone following the people who organized the protest, they all left school. Hehehe, it's hilarious when you try to get high schoolers to do a peace protest, especially if the protest is going to be held off schoolgrounds.

    4. Danarchy


      I remember there was this grungy hippy-like guy who was always standing outside the school with a big sign protesting The War Against Terror at the end of school everyday during my senior year. I think he was a junior or something. Heh. I should have joined him once or twice, but I was always in a hurry to go somewhere after school. Namely, as far away from school as possible.