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  1. I have several ideas for some flash movies I might make during the next school year. I've worked out my ideas by making some rough sketches and comics. I'd work on them right now if only my computer wasn't so damn slow. Ok, so here are my ideas:

    Solid Snake Simulation Show Part 3
    The final part to my 3 part flash movie. Ok, so basically, it starts off with an empty desk shot. (Snake's supposed to be at the desk talking about what's in store for the episode) Snake's not there because of the "threat" issued by the Simulated Solid Snake, Aeris. So Snake's hiding in his dressing room, and Aeris finally reaches the studio. I'm not exactly too sure what to add in next. I have an ending for it in mind, which deals with Big Boss barging through the doors of some executive office demanding them to cancel the TV show. I won't go into too much detail on that...

    Some selected scenes for "The Wolf"
    Basically, I'll make some random but most likely well known scenes from some John Woo movies like HardBoiled and The Killer featuring some characters from Metal Gear Solid. I have only three scenes in mind as of right now:

    The TeaHouse scene from HardBoiled
    The Assassination scene from The Killer
    The Warehouse raid from HardBoiled

    If you've seen the "trailer" for The Wolf, I'm sure you already have an idea who's gonna be in it and etc.

    The Intro movie for Pokestein 3d
    It's a parody to the first part in Metal Gear Solid (It's where Solid Snake sneaks into that nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island). Basically, Lizardcommando has to get to an elevator to get into the main floors of the gigantic jungle fortress aptly named Castle Pokstein.

    BigBoss's Night Out
    Another interactive game starring Metal Gear Solid's BigBoss, the father of Solid, Liquid and Solidus Snake. Starts off in BB's house, getting drunk off his ass and watching some TV, until the TV gets busted so he tells his girlfriend, supposedly named Eva according to some leaked script (Or in the new MGS3 trailer, she's called "Spy") that he's going out. Then the fun starts... You get to first pick your ride (A motorcycle, a beat up ol' jeep, or one of those hover platforms as seen in the new MGS3 trailer.) Then you pick a place to hang out. That's about all I've thought up so far. You do get to meet some of the MGS3 characters and even some MGS2 and MGS characters.

    I'll post more when I get the chance...

    EDIT: I'm sure couple of people, especially the newer folks, have no fucking idea what I was talking about for the first two movies, so here's a link to give them a slightly better idea what I'm talking about :