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  1. Ok, I've started working on my next Flash animation a little over two weeks ago. It's the finale for the Solid Snake Simulation Show. The pace of the movie is slower than the last two movies but there will be some action. And hooray for me, I have windows (As in, I know how to make transparent objects!) Yeah, so the lesson I've learned from that is read the tutorials. The movie's almost done. I just need to add in sounds and change some music. The flash movie's a whopping 7MBs! Maybe it's because of the music or the excessive use of frames, I really should find a way to decrease the size. Anyone have suggestions on how I can do that?

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    2. Lizardcommando


      Well, if this helps, I have about 5 or 6 scenes that have over 150 frames and most of it are used for text bubbles. I also have 4 MP3's in the movie. I have 31 (including a title) scenes in all.

    3. Lizardcommando


      Goddamn, I hate school computers... I just had worked on half an hour's worth of work on my Flash movie and the fucking computer froze! Goddammit, I'm so goddamned pissed! I saved it earlier, but thanks to the computer's retarded ass "Deep Freeze" program, (it basically "refreshes" the computer everytime you shut it off) I lost everything! AAARGH!

    4. Bucket


      Well, you could try streaming to improve performance-- but I don't see how that would give the advantage file-size-wise. All in all, it's the MP3's that are contributing to the size. Try more compression.