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  1. Fuck that shit! My parents are still obsessed with that shit. When my parents missed out on who got voted on the last episode and they asked me who got voted out, I said I didn't watch it. They were all upset. I kept telling them I didn't even watch the fucking show and my mom's all saying "I'm disappointed in you."

    What the fuck?! They're not all that upset that I ended up with two D's in my report card, but you're upset about which dumb fuck got voted out on some stupid ass reality tv show?!

    Goddammit, such idiots! It's like they think I killed someone or robbed a bank. Get over it! It's a goddamned TV show! I don't give a flying fuck who got voted out! I hate that show and I don't want to waste my goddamned time with that retard shit!

    Now that reality tv shows had basically flooded tv channels everywhere, there's barely anything worth watching anymore. Fucking reality tv shows. Fuck that shit! I wish that American Idol shit gets canned right now. No one needs that shit. I don't need that retard shit polluting the fucking channels!


    I swear to god my parents can be such fucking retards sometimes...

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    2. Amaster


      "Hopes and dreams"? It's a fucking gameshow practically. People who want to get rich quick and must put themselves on TV (with the possibility of humiliation) as a compromise. Real professional performers spend time and effort studying with dance instructors and singing teachers. Secondly, it's not like these people dont know what they're in for.

      By the way, this type of show is hardly new. Anyone remember Star Search about 15 years ago or so?

    3. Psyonisis


      insertwackynamehere said:

      On one hand, we have someone with hopes and dreams of performing. They are struck down in coldblood and unless they are William Hung, they leave the industry forever most likely.

      If they can't take honest criticism, then they have no business being in the entertainment industry.

    4. Danarchy


      Real musicians don't go straight to national television to get themselves a record contract. They spend years working the clubs until they get the money or recognition to get a contract. I blame it all on the growing laziness of this country.