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  1. Yeah, believe it or not, I am getting back to making my Wolf 3D mod called Pokestein 3D. Now, you're all probably like "OMG! IT'S GOTz teH Pokymans! GhEy!!!11" but shut up for a minute. It's pokemon killing done in a tasteful manner, as I'd sometimes call it. Just go to the site and read the information pages.

    I made the site look a little fancier with some backgrounds. I added two new screenshots of the game in action and I posted up some sprites of the enemies. There's some extra stuff, but that page is a bit incomplete. Here's the site, and yes, there is a demo available for download:


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    2. Lizardcommando


      Son of a bitch! Am I the only one who's having trouble watching this in Netscape?!?

      I'm positively sure it works in Internet Explorer.

      EDIT: It does indeed work in Internet Explorer, but the movie will not load in Netscape (unless anyone else can...). I don't know if Firefox will load it though, so if it loads up on Firefox without a problem, just tell me, Ok?

    3. Bloodshedder


      Works for Me™ in Firefox.

    4. DemilinX


      It works in Opera also.