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  1. So I haven't made much progress at all with my Wolf 3D mod. I started making the beginning of E2M5 but I stopped. I ran into mapper's block. Also, my coding is still a bit fucked up at the moment. I can pick up the rifle and shoot, but if I select another gun, I can't switch back. Also, I somehow start off with all the guns except the rifle. Pretty weird shit if you ask me. I think that's why I stopped working on my Wolf 3D mod.

    I haven't been honing my Flash skills at all either. I've been meaning to do some test stuff, namely experiment with some ways to animate. Also, I've been meaning to try and scan in a picture, import it into Flash, then basically cut it into pieces in, divide it into layers and animate it. But, I haven't. Never got around to it. Oh well, at least I'm taking that Flash class for college. I can learn some important stuff. I'm guessing most of it is going to deal with Actionscript...

    I've mostly been playing Skulltag and working. That's what I've been doing and wow. I guess my summer's been wasted away. The only good thing that came out of it was my pay checks. I've been raking in the dough, so I'm kinda happy.