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  1. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24774&highlight=less+than+stellar

    Heheh, I'm sorry. My mind just feels empty. Lately, I am feeling less than stellar. I'm out of ideas. I can't draw anything. Goddamn art class. I fucking suck at art. Fuck Gouache paints. Fuck paints. I hate using paints. I'm not even half way done with my final art project and i think it sucks. I fucking hate myself right now.

    My final project for my digital media class has ran into a dead end. I'm making a game, but my brother says it's less than stellar. I had a bunch of ideas for some flash movies, but it's too fucking annoying to start them up, especially when you feel like your brain is flying on fumes, so to speak. I can't think straight. My mind is blank.

    Everything I do, no one really gives a shit. I try to do something that makes me happy, but in the end, it just won't do it for people. Everything is less than stellar to them.

    ...Goddamn, I feel fucking worthless right now...

    I'm sorry, this is not how I act at all. But right now, life just isn't stellar for me right now. i'm just glad that in two weeks, I'll be done with the semester.

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    2. Lizardcommando


      Yeah, i just realized he was probably messing with me when I read further into that thread. I judge people too quickly, unfortunately.

      I'm trying to stop doing that though, honest! :p

    3. DOOMinator


      Yeah I feel the same way sometimes, but I just get numb to it. Crying isn't gonna help. Nobody's impressed by anything anymore cuz everyone's seen better. If you showed somebody your WAD in 1993 they'd probably need to change their pants. Now it's like "Doom? People still play that?"

      Although I did have friends that hate everything and I showed them ZDaemon and then before you knew it, it was all over school and even spreading into Harvard Square. Insane. That's the first time I ever started a trend. That was forever ago though.

      I think the best attitude is to create things for yourself only and just publicize them and never look back. If you go into it looking for approval and go back to check and see if anyone left you a comment or viewed your creation, you're only gonna get disappointed.

      That's the attitude I have, but it is very sucky to bust your ass on a WAD or any creation for that matter and have no one care. But what can ya do?

    4. Lizardcommando


      Yeah. You can't impress everyone. I think Linguica was kidding though (I hope).