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  1. As the title implies, I had a really crazy ass dream some time ago...

    For some odd reason, I wished Lizardcommando would appear and help rid the world of terror. I don't know why I made a stupid wish like that, but I just did.

    Anyways, my wish came true and with a white flash of light accompanied with the Doom teleporting sound, Lizardcommando appeared but then he shot up my house. The funny thing is that I didn't even give a shit. Armed with his trusty Colt .45's modified with laser sights and exploding hollowpoint bullets, dual MP5K's, an XM8, Sawed off double barrel shotgun, and a Katana, he looked like he could take on legions of insurgents, terrorists, gangsters, murderers, the BTk Killer, etc. He said he had some stuff to do and he wanted me come and watch how people should deal with psychos, so he teleported us to some really weird places.

    First he teleports us in the one of the airplanes that crashed into the Twin Towers and etc. The terrorists spotted us, but they didn't stand a chance against the government-hired killer. With the Bezerk Sphere and a short sword, he chopped off their arms and lob the arms into their stomach, impaling them and then punched a hole through their skulls to finish them off. And then LC would pick up one of the Box Cutters and throws in that one douche bag's head (the one everyone always remembers, it was Mohamad Mokaba or something. Who cares.) Anyways, LC carves a target in his head and when the Mohamad guy's screaming bloody gibberish, LC smashes his ribs, impaling his vital organs and throws him off the plane and takes out a high powered Bolt Action Rifle and shoots him in the middle of the air (shoots him right in the craved up target) and he blows up into a mist of gold coins and everyone down below starts taking them thanking him. Lizardcommando and me continues teleporting to the other airplanes and single-handedly kills off each and every one of the terrorists. I thought the day was over, but apparently Lizardcommando had other stuff to do, so we teleport again.

    Now we're at Columbine, so he tells me he's going to show Colorado SWAT how their job should be done. Lizardcommando snuck through the ventilation shafts and when saw the two dumbasses in view... BLAM! Shoots one of them in the head! And the guy's head explodes from the hollowpoint bullet filled with enough explosives to clean a baby elephant's head off! He jumps down below and while the other guy tries shooting LC down with a shitty TEC-9, he fills him with lead with his trusty MP5K's. The guy's in a pool of blood and LC tells the other people hiding to get the hell out and get paramedics to tend to the wounded. The guy tries to shoot the kids running away, but he gets his arm blown away and and then another bullet right between the eyes. I somehow end up inside that school and then Lizardcommando said there was a giant army filled with all of the scum-of-the-earth and we teleport down to some giant hellish-looking floating platform about Los Angeles where the army was being made.

    I was floating in the air for some reason watching through a bunch of cameras when Lizardcommando went against the army of assholes. So many serial killers, insurgents, terrorists, psychopaths, religious nutcases, every jack ass imaginable charged at Lizardcommando. Jack the Ripper couldn't touch him! Hell no! LC cut the fucker in half and then kick his top half at Scott Peterson and then right before he tries killing his wife, Lizardcommando shoots off his legs with a sawed off double barrel shotgun and then stabs him in the temples with two bowie knives. The BTk killer dies even quicker than Jack the Ripper because LC grabs his head and slam it down into the ground and then equip himself with a Bezerk Sphere and smash his brains into nothing. Then these Iraqi insurgents and the cannibals
    who killed and mutilated and ate parts of those US soldiers two or three years ago tried to bite Lizardcommando, but BLAM! BLAM! His good ol' Colt .45's gibbed them into oblivion.

    Then all of a sudden Osama jumped into the air and swung a giant sickle, but he was riddled with bullets but LC's XM8 and then threw his mangled bullet ridden corpse into a stick, impaling him through the heart. Abu Zabu Marcofi had giant hammers on his hands and swung like a mad man, but Lizardcommand tripped him and fell inside a giant meat grinder. Just when half of the army was being desimated and destroyed, I woke up and I had about 30 minutes to get from my home to my psychology class...

    Goddamn, that was one crazy ass dream... I wish I could remember what other serial killers Lizardcommando killed.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Bloodshedder said:

      Lucid dreaming has something to do with the occult? Give me a break.

      Here's an informative site about lucid dreaming.

      thats my point. i dont like the whole "occult" perception some people have.

    3. Danarchy


      Meh, lucid dreaming isn't that great. It makes dreams boring as Hell. There was one instance that it helped the dream out though. In the dream, I was lost in some city that resembled Tacoma closely and finaly I was like "Wait, this is just a dream" and so I decided to fly around town to look for a way home.

    4. Lizardcommando


      I had another weird dream, but I can't really remember all of it. All I remember was that I was in some dimly lit office building and I shouted out something to do with being rude... I dunno. I really wish I could remember what my dream was about. I woke up from it and I remembered everything about it and i was even going to write about it, but stupid ol' me went back to sleep...